400+ Likes – Extending My Brand Beyond


It is 14th Day of my Blogging101 lessons. As classmates, we’re required to extend our brand in 3 different ways to define the blog brand and build a distinct personality and consistent experience for readers that reinforces why the blog is worth reading:

  1. Custom site icon.
  2. Facebook fan page.
  3. A custom image widget.

Arise Nandi has chose to use a facebook fan page that is already totalling 408 Likes after 3 months of launching. Arise Nandi Today is my fan page and brand for this site where fans and readers of Arise Nandi get updates and links to the site for full articles on their favourite Youth of The Month series, Photo of The Week, Success Stories of our Nandi Community, Latest News, Advocacy and more.

Currently, the top post on the page on facebook has reached over 3,600 people. The post links to the Controversial Multi-million Gate  of Nandi County article.

Arise Nandi logo is still under design and that’s why my header image is not uploaded yet. Today I extend my brand to fellow classmates and to the world, that Arise Nandi is indeed a popular brand in Nandi County, Nandi Hills Constituency and the most innovative online initiative created to help and support the Nandi Community in awareness, education, advocacy, and empowerment in social, political and economic terms.

LIKE Arise Nandi Today on facebook, and if you prefer twitter then FOLLOW here now and get to tweet with the founder. 🙂

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© Arise Nandi 2015

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