4 Ways in Which Nandi County Marked National Youth Week/Day


International Youth Week/Day was declared by UN General Assembly in 1999 as a day when youth around the globe will be celebrated as a critical segment that compose of the human population as well as the human development. The International Youth Day celebrate youthful energy, innovations, imagination, initiatives and dynamism.

In essence, IYD provides a platform for the youth to address their issues and challenges, while providing them with a forum for addressing the same among the international community.

IYD Partners
The 2015 partners of IYD showcase interventions put in place to improve the status of youth.

United Nations (UN) Agencies.
Ministry of Devolution and Planning (MoD&P)
Action 2015 Kenya National Coalition
Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)
Youth Agenda (YA)
Kenya Youth Parliament (KYP)
Africa Youth Trust (AYT)
Kenya Youth Network (KYN)
Sosurwo Fonds Kenya (SFK)
Kenya Youth Empowerment Programme (KYEP)
Inspiration Kenya (IP)
Global Peace Foundation (GPF) among others.

The Theme: “Youth Civic Engagement”
The global theme for IYD 2015 is Youth Civic Engagement and the Kenyan slogan for this year is dubbed Youth Are Able, therefore summing up the Kenyan theme into “Youth Civic Engagement: We Are Able Partners in the Post-2015 Development Agenda”.
The National Youth Week is organized into thematic activities for 7 days.

Day 1: Youth Civic Engagements
Day 2: Youth Innovations Entrepreneurship and Empowerment
Day 3: Youth Health & Environment
Day 4: Youth Talents, Sports & Culture
Day 5: Youth National Identity & Security
Day 6: Youth 2015 post development agenda
Day 7: IYD Celebrations.

What Happened in Nandi County IYD Calendar?

On 5th: Nandi County government started the event in Kaptumo, Koyo, Kapsean.

On 6th: Mosop Constituency.

On 7th: Chesumei

On 8th: Emgwen – The meeting wasn’t held since no youth attended following a parallel meeting called by KUYA.

On 9th: None.

On 10th: Tindiret.

On 11th: To be held in Nandi Hills Constituency, Nandi Hills Town at the Sub County Hall. The steering committee planned a memorable activity of planting trees in Jean Marie Seroney Secondary School near Township primary in the morning and meeting again to proceed on back in the hall to wind up the day’s event.

On 12th: The county will hold a grand finale of the week’s youth celebrations in Kapsabet showground.

The four pillars Nandi County observed in these events include: Unity, Empowerment, Partnerships and Awareness.

However successful this has been, there have been few challenges that made some of the thematic activities missing in the agenda.

Challenges Youth Face in Nandi County

1. Nandi County government led by Cleophas Lagat did not budget for the events and several steering committees got financial challenges,   making these events hectic! In some of the centres, some youth had to dig deep into their own pockets to save the day to avoid embarrassment to their day – and to the same leaders who attended the same meetings.

2. Resource distribution has been corrupted and faced with undeniable inequality. Some constituencies like Mosop and the neighbouring sub-counties have enjoyed funds, sponsorships and support of various programs from the Lagat’s Administration because the area has over 50% representation in the county placements.

Areas like Tindiret, Aldai, Nandi Hills among others have always been marginalized and unrepresented.

3. Pro-government supporters have taken advantage of desperate broke youth to divide them using the influence of money and promises of unfulfilling county jobs in order to disintegrate the unison that has been developed to seek and advocate for transparent and democratic governance.

4. In Emgwen, IYD was not celebrated because no one attended the meeting. Surprisingly, a newly formed group called KUYA (Kapsabet Umoja Youth Association) called a meeting the same day that NYC and Youth Bunge had convened a meeting in Emgwen Constituency, and took all the masses towards their agenda making International Youth Day in Emgwen null and void. This clash of interests by groups is as a result of influenced youth to peddle politics into their own associations.

5. This government takes ages to respond to urgent issues.

6. There is also a difficult protocol or procedures in seeking government services, as evidenced in Procurement department where Mr. Sisey either quarrels to youth clients or is out of office (probably hiding) for almost the whole day. Many youth complained about this misbehaviour in Kapsabet Tortoise Hotel during the meeting for Contracts and Tenders.

He apologised and promised to change.

Ministry of Youth, Gender and Social services play a key role with Youth MCA Kiptoo Koros in representation, oversight and legislation, but still the systems are not working up to the standards to mitigate the piling issues daily.


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