Death Beckons in Nandi County as Nurses Strike


It is all systems down as doctors and nurses in Nandi County down their tools following unpaid salaries, lack of medicines in several hospitals and general failure of the county to act on Health Department matters, and lack of a clear structure to respond on serious emergencies. Patients in some of the hospitals are now faced with a difficulties far more worse than the previous reports that hospitals were lacking medicines.

On a lengthy phone conversation to one of the Medical practioners in Nandi Hills Sub County Hospital (whom Arise Nandi has sealed the identity) said on call that they strike began 17th August 2015 afternoon to an indefinite time. The respondent told Arise Nandi that there are three major issues that brought healthcare services to a standstill:

    • Salaries
    • Lack of Medicines
    • Promotions

    Sad, the respondent blamed Nandi County for ignoring the calls of action by medical stakeholders to salvage the situation but the Lagat Administration failed to respond. The strike is now on until further notice when the government and the sad health workers agree on terms and conditions.

    The great pain is now piled up to the local mwananchi who voted for Cleophas Lagat and the rest in hierarchy of leadership that has turned into dealership. It is quite unfortunate that Nandi which is filled with vast resources, after 5 years, be mapped down under the least develop counties below Machakos County which is a dry region of its own and few resources but is now the most developed county!

    #HatutaishiHivi – Let’s Take Action

    1. Let’s come together as youth, civil servants and all the residents of Nandi County and say “enough is enough” and group together to join and support civil society because they’ve the mandate and the needed strength, attention and authority to demand action, accountability, responsibility and better governance.

    2. Let’s petition so that this government can be brought to book and possibly be dissolved and we vote in the leaders, not dealers.

    3. We need to come in numbers to any public participation, although the officials do not advertise time/schedules of holding such public forums for obvious reasons.

    4. It is high time the residents seek information rather than just clapping hands for zero rhetorics of politicians. Information is power and once the public have it, transformation is possible.


    5. Give your suggestion here in the comments and let your voice be heard.


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