Youth of The Month ~ Moses Cheruiyot


This September Edition of Arise Nandi’s Youth of The Month program welcomes the youngest and yet greatest youth since inception of this initiative. A leader in his capacity at 20 years old, Moses Cheruiyot hails from Aldai, Maraba Location in the infamous village of Chepsiria.

He went to maraba Primary school and his performance after the eighth class propelled Moses to Samoei Secondary School – the pride of Nandi Hills. In his quest to succeed in education and bring back to his community great wealth of knowledge and leadership, our 4th youth in the program proceeded after four years to Kisii University to study Law, and he’s now in his third year.

He says…

“I’m a young vibrant leader in my own capacity believing that it can take one person to change the world. I have worn many hats of leadership like serving as the Vice Chairperson and later on the Chairperson of Kisii University Kalenjin Students Association (Kokwet).”


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Moses Cheruiyot is a co-founder of a campus movement called Caucus For Change and he’s a delegate member of an association known as Aldai Youth Connection, where he’s involved in empowering and inspiring fellow young people for the betterment of their lives and transformation of their communities for a better society.

Currently he heads Chepsiria Youth Self Help group.

“I am interested with mainstream national and county leadership,  having drafted a bill named ‘Nandi County Youth Welfare Bill 2015′ which is yet to be tabled in the county assembly. It is a bill pushing for the youth agenda.” He adds.


Youth and Women Empowerment Programs

  • 1). In spite of resource challenges, he has spearheaded several youth forums and personally brought the youth together with one latest event being Nandi Rock excursion visit, which attracted more than 100 youth.
  • 2). In talent search and promotion, Moses have so far supported two local sports teams: a football and volleyball teams.
  • 3). In Capacity building for the Women, he has been invited to sensitize most of the women groups in his area and advice them about possible projects that women can unite and  empower themselves in.
  • 4). Under his Community development strategy, he is currently pushing for establishment of a dispensary center in his village. This will promote health and get rid of hailments and expenses incurred in seeking for medication in far places yet the area should have a health facility. In addition, he is fighting for expedite process in provision of clean piped water in his village.

Cheruiyot says that he fights for what is right and believes that the youth are the catalysts of transformation in every society.

“We do not have to silence our voices even if we seem too small. We have to use the influence we have to bring change which we have always yearned for. Having fronted  to run for the seat of county representative in the 2017 general elections am ready to face the bull head on and am optimistic that  victory will be by my side.”


• Favourite quote: You have to work hard and smart to get rich enough not to have to work hard, and do not worry when you are not recognized doing good but strive to be worthy of recognition.

• Favorite Football Team: Arsenal.

• Parting shot: My advice to youth which I never miss to state wherever I go is asking our youth to register as voters for ‘the ballot is stronger than the bullet’.

• Twitter: @moscheruiyot
• Facebook: Wills Moses Cheruiyot
• Phone: 0725470005

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13 thoughts on “Youth of The Month ~ Moses Cheruiyot

  1. A comrade,brother,leader and friend.Am proud to be associated with you and I know there is no limit towards what we can achieve as a united people especially a united youth.We hold the potential and we are a youth of possibility.Count me in in this Arise and Shine as we shine together and make our potentials known.


  2. …..your courage that fired you to stand as mca for this ward at that age is a true indication that indeed your optimistic to bring change for the betterment of all.I assure you that you are able.until when yearning and thirsting in the wilderness. I strongly support you


  3. Moses, kudos for the ambitious initiatives. You are a demonstration of what young people can achieve if offered an opportunity, the future is brighter and ready to propel your dreams further for the betterment of humanity. God bless your work and career!


  4. Willis is indeed a leader who is determined to change the lives of people and anyone in his sober mind should join him. Go Go Go Go willis we r right behind you.


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