CHEATED MOTHERS – Piped Water To Every Household in Nandi County Was a Lie


Governor Cleophas Lagat promised Nandi County women in 2013 that he will provide piped water system to every household as part of his government’s development agenda, but gave a useless Water Fountain wasting water every second. In what seemed to be an attempt to ease household chores on families without access and proximity of clean water, Cleophas Lagat wanted to favour ladies against the culture that imposes tasks on women like fetching water from far in the valleys and at times dangerous streams.

Kalenjin women were happy and sang in unison like this:

iyooni ng’o tumi?
iyani kole nee?
iyani aaasai, iyani!

iyani ng’o Lagat?
nebo Nandi County
iyani aaasai, iyani!

Ogochi kuraiyat,
nenyonet gavana!
iyani aaasai, iyani!

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The year 2013 elapsed without the mega water project.  2014 elapsed. 2015 is here winding up and the government will start the process of dissolutions, where another election preparation will start with active politics.

Instead of fullfilling the promise, governor Lagat wasted funds in what he termed as beautification of the county, by constructing a water fountain in Kapsabet town that sprinkles water in the air to the ground. Our mothers have been given what they did not ask for – the Park.

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Women in Nandi County feel betrayed, used and conned to surrender their voluminous votes to Cleophas who has not fulfilled his promise to Kaplegetio and he seems highly likely that he can’t deliver! Instead the governor has heightened expenditure on projects that do not impact and benefit a resident of Nandi Gaa.

Collosal example is the controversial 50 million gate between Uasin Gishu County and Nandi. Recently on KBC Radio Taifa, a local radio channel hosted his deputy Dominic Biwott who said that the gate construction is not yet completed. Dominic, who was strongly in support that all deputy governors be given independent and constitutional roles and responsibilities, urged that more facilities are yet to be constructed, e.g. a fuel station and shops. But the truth of the matter is that there is no construction or any kind of work in progress there.

The Nandi County deputy, in many occasions support his boss Cleophas Lagat who has failed Nandi and wasted the rich resourced Kaburwo to nothing for three years in a row! In the radio interview, Biwott was evading direct questions on corruptions that bwana Musambi (presenter) had to repeat, at one point without a clear answer.

Though he agreed that there are some elements of corruption in Nandi County, deputy governor refused to name ministries and culprits responsible.

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4 thoughts on “CHEATED MOTHERS – Piped Water To Every Household in Nandi County Was a Lie

  1. The 2013-2014 Budget prepared by Emmanuel Wanjala says this: –
    “On water the county intends to construct and protect springs and this will cost ksh160,000,000 this will ensure residents take clean water and protect them from water borne diseases.”
    The 2014-2015 Budget for “Extension of water projects ( ongoing) is ksh 222,167,316.

    So, to date, County says it has allocated 382,167,316 to water projects.Anything much to show for this?

    The current year Budget, 2015-2016 (which started in June) allocates 242,000,000 to Water Supply, and 23,000,000 to acquire land for kiplolok and keben springs

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