NANDI HILLS STADIUM – The Worsened Field That Has ‘Killed’ Young Talents

Nandi Hills Stadium - Stagnated Development

Long time ago, before devolution came into Kenya, Nandi Hills town had a simple spaced stadium that I used to watch my favourite football teams (ValleyStar, Nandi Tea and more) playing friendly and leagued matches. I used to cheer from a steepy side adjacent above the Market Stalls alongside my friends from Mogoiywet, Kaplelmet, Kipkimba and the wider Chebarus. Even Kimwani and Chepsangor. For more than two years now, we no longer cheer the young talents in Nandi Hills because Nandi County government killed it with its lack of priorities, stagnating developments and oozing corruption deeply rooted in Executive down to subordinate.

What happened?

Our county Nandi led by governor Cleophas Lagat has shattered the dreams of many young people with sporting talents who used to grace the stadium to play football, run or or hold events whenever matches were not in place. Few youth groups who had formed clubs and bought themselves balls cannot play today in the county’s second biggest stadium.

The shock and irony that buffles people is the budget that Lagat’s administration allocated to only two stadia available in the Nandi county.

Unfinished fence

The following is a budget breakdown:
2013-2014 – 150,000,000 for construction of Kipchoge Keino Stadium.

2014-2015  – 160,000,000 for construction of Kipchoge Keino stadium.

14,080,000 for Nandi Hills Stadium.

2015-2016  – 121,000,000 for construction of Kipchoge Keino Stadium.

22,070,000 for Nandi Hills Phase 2.

3,000,000 for “alternative stadium” unknown to the public.

No evidence of any expenditure at Nandi Hills as the field perimeter fence is not completed (See Pictures). Asking David Sawe of CIPS about this, he stated that a contractor asked for 10 million to do some work there and was instead offered/paid 2 million only. Some gravel incomplete fences erected only.

The bad state of Nandi Hills Stadium

On my visit to the stadium I did not see the gravel but heaps of red soil in the middle of the field, turning into green short mountains and molehills, slowly.

Inside: Heaped Soil

Where is the “alternative stadium” worth 3 million? 

So, totals by June 2016 will be : –

Kipchoge Keino Stadium 431,000,000

Nandi Hill Stadium – 36,150,000

Alternative stadium 3,000,000

Grand Total  – 470,150,000/=

Amounting up to a total Ksh. 36 millions, it is unbelievable that once useful field is now in a total mess of abandoned field which lies bare and grassy, risking into being a dumping site of the densely populated market stall and makeshift shades.

Summary of Outcomes

1. Inconvenienced Public Holidays that were held in the stadium

2. Political Rallies will lack space

3. No more games if this state continues

4. Altered training for athletes and other sports, hence exploiting talents

5. Increased poverty due to stagnated economy that a fully constructed stadium would bring

6. Police and KDF recruitments shifted far to irregular landscape of Samoei Secondary School

7. Wastage of resources and development funds through corruption

8. Stagnated projects lowered trust of the government among the citizens, and more!

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