WANTED: Cleophas Lagat Flees Office, Away From The Public and Contractors


Governor Cleophas Lagat now seems like a fugitive running away from the rage of the people of Nandi and the furious contractors looking for him in his Kapsabet offices since last week. Like usual, Lagat is hardly found in his office and now the public and the contractors, including the Nandi County Civil Society Network has decided to take another dimension to counter his divide-and-rule, carrot-and-stick system. After several letters in attempt to meet the governor and his ministries for alleged wastage of funds and corruption, it has come to time that suffering in silence and watching the trend of corruption shouldn’t be the order of the day, and efforts to transform Nandi and arise together is now. Already the NCCN has met the threshold of the Senate Standing Orders, with the submission awaiting the approval of the Speaker to enable presentation to the Senate, and bring Cleophas Lagat to book.


Evidence of wastage and embezzlement of public/county funds doesn’t need rocket science knowledge to proof. His ambitious projects promised to the people of Nandi are not felt or enjoyed by the people since many have claimed that Lagat has absolutely lacked priorities. Building a gate, a water fountain and overseas travel for alleged studies have been termed as useless sine there’s no impact to the resident of Tindiret, Chemase and across the boundaries of Nandi.


Nandi Hills in last year’s budget, 2014-2015 had the following included in the development agenda!

Samoei water project – 220,000

Nandi Hills water supply – 1,230,000

Nandi Hills Hospital septic tank – 5,000,000

Construction of Nandi Hills mortuary – 15,000,000

Construction of 6 sub-county offices @ 4,000 each in every sub-county, and thus one in Nandi Hills


The same years’ budget claims Development costs of 12,020,000 for “Protection of Kamartagui Swamp” and Development costs of 15,000,000 for “Establishment of botanical gardens/arboretum at Kamartagui”. No evidence that any work has been carried out there.

Under the ministry of Sports, Youth, Gender & Social Services it was allocated the following millions to construct stadiums. For 2013-2014 150,000,000 for construction of Kipchoge Keino Stadium and in 2014-2015 budget the same stadium was allocated 160,000,000 for construction. Nandi Hills Stadium had 14,080,000 and 22,070,000 for 2014-14 and 2014-15 budgets respectively. Nandi Hills’ stadium pictures will tell it all, click here to view. This is not a big deal.

But where is the 3,000,000 for “alternative stadium” located in Nandi?


Budget for 2014 to 2015 claimed Development Costs of 11,000,000 for Chepkiit plus a cost of 4,500,000 for “Establishment of an art gallery” at Chepkiit waterfalls. Minister showed NCCSN officials plans for a Conference Centre at Chepkiit in 2014. Since then, there is no work that has been done on site – they may claim work done to a footbridge – but it is wood only, and we think the owner paid!


There was also a 10,000,000 for “Gravelling, Nandi Rock, shade and footbridge” and subsequent allocation for 2015 – 2016 costs of 5,000,000 for “Construction of public toilets, parking area and shades at Nandi Rock”. During Social Audit, a local by the name Alfred Tum, said that no work has been done in Nandi Rock.


Costing 5,000,000, King’wal Swamp was a project for “Survey, beaconing and protection of King’wal Swamp”. The County website claims they have built a Watch Tower but there is neither Watch Tower at the site nor any protection. The budget did not authorize any spending on Development of a Watch Tower anyway. But come to think of it, what will the watch tower help the people of Nandi even if it is to be constructed today?


5,000,000 development cost was allocated last year for “Keben Springs” and this year’s budget another 5,000,000 for “Establishment of Botanical Gardens at Keben Springs”, but the same results on the ground. This year again, the Lands Ministry Budget for 2015-2016 allocates 17,000,000 for acquisition of land at Keben springs.


Click here to respond by submitting your comment to us and letting others know the situation on the ground upon the said development projects in your area of residence, and/or the areas mentioned above with the said projects, below in the comments box!




7 thoughts on “WANTED: Cleophas Lagat Flees Office, Away From The Public and Contractors

  1. As Nandi County, it is only us to bring to reality what lacks reality/truth. Our leaders plz think on where we were/u were before devolution came: MINISTERS U GUYS ARE LETTING GOVERNOR DOWN – he nomited u as a friend & work for the pple not him


  2. change is inevitable….nandi county gorvenor Dr lagat should step aside for more investigations to be done…corrupt leaders must resign immediately and give room to good leaders like Kelix Kosgei to lead our county….


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