Exposed: The Secret Romours
Exposed Romours

After weeks of gathering classified information to expose the nepotism, corruption and incompetency of the Cleophas Lagat’s allies inside the county offices, here comes the block buster category – The Secret Romours. Lined up are:

  • A husband and a wife working in the same department in Nandi County offices

– The coming soon post will expose names of two who are romoured to be employed and working in the same office. The man and his wife, as alleged, did not follow the legal employment procedure as required by law.

  • The Plight of Equator Empowerment Center Founder

– Get to know how she  applied for Ward Administrator’s job vacancy and was employed by beating all the applicants and emerging the best. Soon, she was mysteriously dismissed and replaced by incompetent lady who was with her in the interview and clinched number 11, the second last position – and now one of the County’s Ward Administrators. Arise Nandi learned that she was dismissed by opposing corruption and retrogressive politics, and a ploy she was asked to discredit the area Councillor.

– As a strong advocate and a good mentor, she was approached by Nandi County Women Representative to surrender her project that had since attracted over 1000 ladies… Coming Soon!

  • The Hardships of Ms Environment To Work With The County

– She has not been paid for projects that she represents Nandi County on Environmental matters. Working without funds, our youthful Ms Environment has submitted proposals without success, and worse, one of her project Hand Plus Million was lost in Nandi County in which her information in the project was used in Environment Ministry without crediting her as a source and no pay!

  • Nepotism

– Know how one lady (Lorna) was shortlisted, interviewed without herself going to the county PSB. Lorna told Arise Nandi she saw all her three names in the shortlisting list. During the interview day, she didn’t receive any call or invitation… so who replaced her?


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