REHAB – Governor Cleophas Makes Another Empty Talk

nandi governor
                                                  Empty Promises
From the Daily Nation, Thursday July 9th, 2015

“County Government is to establish a multi-million shilling rehabilitation centre to combat drug and alcohol addiction and equip the youth with entrepreneurial skills… We have allocated funds in our budget to reorient alcoholic and drug addicts and empower them to start business to improve their livelihoods,”Mr Lagat said.

Even as mothers in Nandi County are still waiting to have clean water at homes, his excellency has made another empty promise of establishing a rehabilitation center. Residents in Nandi are pissed off already for the projects that appear in the CIDP and the county budgets papers but are not available on ground. In Nandi Hills for instance, the stadium is not fully fenced, flattened and constructed but millions allocated to it are just incredible. As the governor boasts in his words to support education and improved livelihoods through the rehab center, he has forgotten too soon that Kapchiley Water Project and a nursery school in the same village are all not constructed and there are no signs of the project commencing.
The said multimillion project is a definite sign that our governor continues to proof that he lacks priorities. Recently, he has been under siege for delaying Contractors’ payments. His office in County head-quaters in Kapsabet has been stormed by contractors demanding their payments to clear bank loans and other debts. Lagat has obviously subjected them to pain as some claim to have already been listed under CRB – Credit Reference Bureau. His norm for making empty rhetoric was heard when he was cornered yesterday. He promised contractors that they will be paid, same thing he has been saying for far too long.
Arise Nandi is in support that the contractors must be paid as soon as possible!

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