REMEMBER? The Picture of The Week

The Nandi County – Mountains of Chebarus, Kapsimatwo (Photo/Dismas Kogo)

It’s been a while since Arise Nandi Fans, and people of the Nandi County see a picture of the week on this site. Nothing captured in pictures has been so latest except the news that the governor Cleophas Lagat has been brushing shoulders with contractors, and appearing before the senate committee to answer questions about corruption, mass wastage of funds, nepotism and attempts to clean his name among others. We have been able to to respond and managed to design an online voting poll that allows you to express your thought about the governor’s work in Nandi County. If you’ve not voted kindly join the rest and Have Your Say, too. 🙂

(The picture of the week is coming soon…)


Procedure Is This Simple!

  • Read the poll quiz
  • Choose Your Answer
  • Vote (Click Vote)
  • And View Results

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