2015’s LAST MEETING: Civil Society Network Members Meet For 2016’s Way Forward

NCCSN Meeting 30th Dec 2015

Nandi County Civil Society Network – an umbrella of several organizations in Nandi County, held its last classified meeting of 2015 in Kapsabet town.

Members from various parts of Nandi County attended the morning meeting in Tortoise Hotel to review the 2015 successful works and roll up the sleeves further and tighten the belts well in readiness for 2016 tasks.

The agenda was reporting the year’s progress, the pending petition due for mid January, the shocking news of county’s current law violations, members’ roles, vetting tool (pending), the way forward among others.

One of the 2015 success was when the Civil Society Network left nothing to chance to meet the threshold and won the petition to summon Dr Cleophas Lagat, who for real, has crippled Nandi County and ashamed every soul therein. The alleged wastage of funds, mega corruption and direct violation of law has seen the governor locked between a hard place and a rock.

Pending his case, it is even shocking that his administration is allegedly making a Supplementary Budget, Amendments, passing Bills without the knowledge of the public – violating the Public Participation Act. As if the guilt didn’t strike his conscience, the county’s Annual Development Plan, ADP is not in the public domain and residents know not of any single project and its allocation therein.

That not withstanding, CL’s Public Service Board is joke. Classified information reveals that about 10 high ranking positions in the county did not go through the right recruitment procedures, meaning people holding those positions were hand-picked especially Ward Administrators.

It has come to the attention of Arise Nandi and Civil Society Network ICT desk that some of the hundreds of vacancies the county advertised in December 2013 were fake! There also exist ghost workers and relatives working in same offices and pretending that NCPSB is not nepotic.

Other information reveal that there are certain Casual workers in the county offices that are used to siphon money to their gods through contracts, faking documents and signatures, stamps and more, all geared to approval of funds transfer with or without work/project being done.

NCCSN is a law abiding and a peace loving body that works tirelessly to ensure justice is done to the people of Nandi. The Network, using every possible avenue, is ready to present evidence and tame corruption, millions of stolen funds, misappropriations, among other gross law violations by his excellency the governor.

Meeting ended at 4:00PM.

2016 is well planned, and is going to be a successful year again for the Network and the people of Nandi County who have long been robbed, hurt and wasted.

As the county is left with only 25 months to dissolve, will this government fulfill its promise of multimillion projects that exist in the budgets?

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