5 Critical Errors That Gov Lagat Should Not Have Done in 2015

County of Vast Resource Failed By Greedy Leaders

This is Arise Nandi’s first post of 2016. Happy New & Prosperous Year. Thank you for remaining connected to us, reading and commenting on our informative articles. We are now better, set and ready for 2016 and will continue to bring you information, because with it we believe there’s change.

Perhaps 2015 was not good for governor for Nandi county, and following are worse mistakes that he could have avoided.

1. Denying to plead guilty of Civil Society’s Network Petition

Although the case is still pending with a second summon due for mid January, it was very unfortunate to have the governor accused of misappropriation, corruption and mass wastage of funds with concrete evidence. Worse is the fact that he did not pled guilty pushing the case further in the future at a time where campaigns should rock to the grassroots. Unfortunately he will be held in charges pressed against him and within no time campaigns will be over and elections kick off. He will be less likely to retain his gubernatorial seat.

2. Buying Multimillion Properties Across The Country with County Funds

Just like the NYS 790 million scandal that saw Mr Ben Gethi behind bars, Mr Lagat openly bought and constructed buildings in Kapsabet, Eldoret, Nairobi, Kericho and several other places still under secret investigation. The monies used in these acquisitions are highly connected with lost funds from Nandi County finance and development funds. Further evidence is the fact that the county’s budget – even with its discrepancies, has not been largely implemented on the ground.

3. Making Empty Promises and Lying to People of Nandi County
There are several promises, uncountable – made to the youth of Nandi, mothers children and all. He started with promising clean piped water to every household, modernization of bus termini in Kapsabet and Nandi Hills, polytechnics, establishment of 30 milk cooling plants in all wards and recently a rehabilitation center – but all null and void. The fiscal year of the County budget ends in June 2016 meaning nothing will be constructed. Guess where every project’s monetary allocation will go!

4. Not Paying His Workers
Doctors and nurses put down their tools several times, within a span of weeks. Some sources indicate that the civil servants in Nandi County have stayed more than three months without payments. Most recent standoff was between the county and contractors who have never been paid ever since the awarded contracts were completed. There have been delay tactics accustomed by lengthy inspections, vetting documents and standard level measurements to ascertain the quality of the work. Amount now acknowledged by County as due and owing to Contractors for work properly done is Ksh 395,867,503.

5. Faking Situations – The Computer Theft in the ICT Department was Staged!

When auditors came knocking the county offices in Kapsabet, pressure to proof expenditure on projects and people’s demand of development actions, governor couldn’t contain the pressure and managed to fake the theft of 5 computers in the ICT department along with his cronies for one reason – to destroy evidence of looting Nandi County dry! This was done with extreme care such that residents of Nandi and entire Kenya believed that a thief broke into the offices and stole computers that had financial and other critical information. The thief, said to have crossed the highly protected headquarters maneuvered his/her way through a manned gate all the way in and out successful without being noticed by security guards.

After this staged theft and tampering of computer hardware news was heard in the broadcasts and printed in the newspapers, certain officials were suspended for days and later resumed their jobs.

Another funny staged situation was done, but this timed round the governor had no knowledge of what was going on behind the forest. Hon Lagat went to launch a completed water project in Chepsuit, Temso but he (never)* knew that a water tank was hidden in the forest and pipes connected to the launching site. After leaving the place, the hidden water tank and pipes were taken away, nullifying the whole project to nothing.

6. What Else?
Do you think there are other gross mistakes that the governor should not have done?

Share with us below in the comments.

Nandi Hills Bus Terminus - Main Stage


2 thoughts on “5 Critical Errors That Gov Lagat Should Not Have Done in 2015

  1. Don’t forget the Mlango Gate Project. His Excellency promised us : –

    A fuel station at the gate.

    An entrance column.

    A tourism information centre.


    Curio shops

    Have any of these been constructed? And over 6 million was allocated to this place in the 2015 budget.


  2. But the real critical mistake is what is in the 2015 Budget and Annual Development Plan. The ADP allocates 2,672,580,474 ( 2.6 billion shillings) to Development in Nandi County, work to be finished /paid for by this June, in 5 months time. Work should have started in June 2015. Do you see any signs of this?


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