Insecurity: Murder in Nandi Hills as Residents March To Police at Midnight

This midnight, hundreds of residents, mainly the youth from Chebarus location are furiously matching to Nandi Hills police station now.  They are wailing loudly and waving leaves while some are armed with crude weapons. Contacted by Arise Nandi, one of the youth has reported that a man killed his wife and has escaped without a trace around Chepkitile village. He said the woman was stubbed and cut across in the stomach, bled profusely and died on the spot.

They are now approaching Nandi Hills town to seek help and record a statement. One lorry is in the middle of the crowd, perhaps helping to illuminate  the dark road for the raging group.

This has happened barely a week after Kalenjin’s popular artist Diana Chemutai, alias Chelele was killed in cold blood and his body dumped in his house at the veranda. Bomet residents demonstrated their rage and blocked roads using burning tyres, seeking justice and alarming the community of insecurity.

One prime suspect arrested is Musila who was married to Chelele but they had parted ways and lived separately. He has another pending case of killing a surveyor in Lessos.



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