12 False Reports That Nandi County Websites Have Published

The lies that Nandi residents have been told orally also exist in the internet. Some perhaps have not heard of the following mistakes that were published on Nandi County’s websites to manipulate the National government, citizens of Nandi County and the world.

Part A. The Government Website

  • The Provisional Budget posted on the website is the wrong document. It is not a Budget, but the Medium Term Expenditure Framework.
  • Projects listed as completed have not been even begun for example the Kamartagui , Kingwal, Chepkiit and Cultural Centre.
  • Projects 2015-2016 is obsolete and was replaced by the final Budget.
  • Annual Development Plan is riddled with errors and fantasies.
  • The claims that Nandi County Public Service Board (NCPSB) is a transparent body is a lie. The fact is, this Board is nepotic and has since advertised hundreds of fake jobs, to pretend that their recruitment mandate is a legal process yet it is not. Many of the county employees are family members or share close relationship to high-table officials. Secrets from an insider reveal that some bosses did not go through the interviews and employment procedures. Many Ward Administrators were not interviewed as well as several casuals – who work for individual officers and not the public.
    • The results of this menace are incompetent individuals who have messed almost every responsibility, wasted county resources and increased corruption.

      It is a failed government that picks officials as they please, and so is Nandi.

      Part B. Assembly Website

      1. Says the Budget was passed on 30 June 2015 but Budget
        not posted.
      2. Motions. Nothing posted since 2013.
      3. Order Papers. Nothing posted since August 2015.
      4. No Acts posted other than County Governments Act 2012. The pending Bills and the Acts passed by the Assembly have never been published.
      5. The information on the web asserts that ward desktop computers are ready. This post dated 30-6-15 states that the computers, “…will be deployed soon in those respective offices”. Good joke! The ward offices itemised in last year’s budget have not been built yet, and these computers availability is unknown.
      6. No Petitions have been posted, even the recent one that Dr Cleophas Lagat had appeared before the Senate Committee.
      7. Public responses made on the website (comments) are not approved and no replies to the enquiries.

      All these amounts to breaching of Parts VIII and IX of the County Governments Act of 2012.


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