2 Funniest & Useless Projects of 2015 in Nandi County

Mulika Mwizi - Picture Courtesy

Of all the projects Nandi County planned in their County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) there are some that residents have heard of, minimal they’ve seen, many incomplete and maximal undone that only exist on paper! With all these development and propaganda that a lot has been done yet nothing actually is on the ground, Arise Nandi found this amusing, and here are two that we thought are funniest and useless  projects that lacked impact!

1. The Water Fountain in Kapsabet

It was dubbed Kapsabet People’s Park, a project whose budget cost was 3.3 millions. Devolution and Special Programmes department of Nandi County unveiled a beautification exercise that entailed a toilet, landscaping works, grill fencing and finally paved walk-ways. Governor once reiterated that it would attract tourists, something it has never happened since completion of the project. As the water fountain spews drops of water to the sky, Kapsabet Referral Hospital, and several parts of the town do not have water supply after it was cut following unpaid millions bill. Several wards have never had their water projects done, e.g Kaplelmet location whose pipes were bought and lying idle in unknown store!

It is this project, including the 50 million gate that received bitter critics on social media and blogs to date.

2. The Fake Water Project With a Hidden Tank in the Forest which lasted 3 hours!

In Temso, mheshimiwa Lagat went to launch a said-to-be-complete water project in Chepsuit, Temso where, as alleged, a water tank was hidden in the forest and pipes connected to a running tap on the launching site.

After leaving the place, the hidden water tank and pipes were taken away, nullifying the whole project to nothing, and the community still awestrucked wondering why they still lack water after one was launched.

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