‘CHEBUNDUKI’ – THE BIGGEST TREE, FAMOUS LANDMARK HAS FALLEN: Nandi Hills Town Shocked Has “Chebunduki” is Cut Down

Chebunduki is down

has fallen! The biggest tree in Nandi Hills Central Business District was cut down amid many questions that residents wondered. It was a daily meeting point, a Bunge La Wananchi
where a gathering would never miss to convene in the morning to deliberate on the newspaper’s and local politics, the latest headlines and propaganda.

Left down for 2 days now

Chebunduki” is a Kalenjin/Nandi name for a pinus/pine tree
. Few feet between the Nandi Hills County Hospital boundary and the main road stood tall a tree near the junction of Kokwet Gardens. The tree that provided a comfortable shade during hot sunny days for many boda boda riders, hawkers and relaxing residents had vital significance to the people of Nandi Hills. Today, the place is bare and boda boda riders have no shade despite being promised by the county government to be given one.

Apart from being accessible and a conducive meeting point, any impromptu alerts were relayed to the people at the Chebundukiot.

Many and variety of businesses still ran here among them newspapers vending, vegetables sales, magazines and garage services among others.

Whoever  gave the order for the cutting is still unknown to many, but romour has it that the County wants to use the tree to build a shade and a parking lot for motorbikes.

Other shocking revelations allege that closer associates of the county fell the pine to sell timbers and firewood and then pocket the money, by those that claim that the tree was acounty property.

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3 thoughts on “‘CHEBUNDUKI’ – THE BIGGEST TREE, FAMOUS LANDMARK HAS FALLEN: Nandi Hills Town Shocked Has “Chebunduki” is Cut Down

  1. It is unfortunate for us who usually come home. I used to meet my friends there but all is is not lost, we are now making alternative B. That place need a big shade place for all people regardless of religion, tribe and color…..


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