#Photos Of The Week – The Nandi Governor’s Lost Trick


It is a lost trick that will not lure any sane resident of Nandi County with Ksh 200 million worth of machines. (Daily Nation) With few months to 2017 elections, incumbent governor wasted funds and waited for four years to buy multi-million road graders, a trick which he intends to use in his re-election campaign, contrary to the grass-root politics which do not favour him. The following pictures are the machines that county government bought to upgrade roads.

Flagging the machines


Budget passed by the Assembly on 30th June and which was then codified in the Appropriation Act on 3rd July 2015, limits expenditure to 33,000,000 but County used 207,000,000. The Annual Development Plan, which allocates 81,000,000 for the “Acquisition of plant and machinery” at Clause 3.10 under the aegis of the Roads Ministry projects, at page 27 do not tally with the amount used to procure the machines. rendering the county’s ADP a useless document, and worse, a wish list for fairy tales.

Road machines launch
This procurement will be the campaigning plea

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