2016 Sameer Africa and Nandi Tea Marathon Wraps Up in Kapsiwon Field Amid Joy

Sameer and Nandi Tea Marathon Celebrated County Leaders Dance - Courtesy

To what may become the highest Corporate Social Responsibility activity from surrounding Tea Estates, hundreds in attendance  included a range of Nandi County officials, leaders, politicians, veteran world athletic champions, residents of greater Nandi Hills, Kapsabet and borders beyond graced the successful event that people locally celebrated the internationally known athletic prosperity.

Proudly sponsored by Sameer Group Africa, Nandi County government and Nandi Tea Estates Limited, old and young, clad in track suits, ran the half marathon of 21km and executive race of 5km to win range of prizes up for grabs while showcasing and promoting  the homeland celebrated talents running across the steeps and shallows of leading land’s cash crop – the Tea.

Men and women equally won cheques worth Ksh 500,000 for the first positions of 21km from Kapsabet town to Nandi Hills in Kapsiwon field, Ksh 200,000 for second positions and Ksh 100,000 for third positions. Other prizes including tea packs were awarded to the few subsequent positions.

The inaugural event has been commented to commence a series of annual Marathon competition and this will become the highest CSR activity in history from surrounding Tea Estates that has been termed as selfish long ago; especially by restricting neighbours from grazing their domestic animals near the tea plantations and inside the planted forests.

Nandi County governor Dr Cleophas Lagat joined in speeches preaching anti-doping of athletes and abstaining from the vices that would degrade the very fabric of Kalenjin society and the globally recognized success of athleticism.

Kapsiwon Field

This event came to Nandi as some of the Kenyan lawyers are lobbying to seek justice for Kalenjin Community whose lands were grabbed by British settlers for building estates and planting tea among other injustices. Headed by Karim Khan, the petition seeks to address the violation of human rights and therefore compensation to the affected people, who are expected to give testimonies and evidence (e.g eviction letters etc) to strengthen the case.

Arise Nandi, Nandi county’s online most popular community empowerment initiative rejoices the genesis of the marathon and longs to celebrate amicable family between Briton owned tea estates and the Kalenjin people.

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