The 3rd Medics’ Strike in Nandi! What’s Wrong?

Recent doctors’ and nurses’ strike in

No Open Hospitals - Nandi County

Nandi County marks the third standoff in the region, adversely affecting three concerned parties: the sick in the hospitals and homes, the medical practitioners whose demands have not been honoured since last year and the staggering government led by Cleophas Lagat running a system that cannot solve the same problem that has hit back more than once, nay, twice. Just recently his excellency had made unexpected night visit to Kapsabet Referral Hospital and was in for a rude shock when he was greeted with dark wards, patients on the ground (some without blankets) and dried taps! At that moment, governor made a promise to the patients and the public that an imminent change on matters health will be launched to better medicare services in the county – one he has never fulfilled.

He said that he was going to personally sack Health Chief Executives Mathew Rotich and Edward Serem for letting the sector right down the middle. Prior to his visit, his deputy Dominic Biwott late last year had held a crisis meeting with county health officials and their stakeholders following the second strike. It is evident that the resolutions reached at that meeting were not implemented, thus the third strike.

Salaries, promotions and availability of medical facilities are among the demands to revive the health sector, as these issues rose up during the second strike.

Nandi government has been irresponsibly managed and led. Arise Nandi condemns with the strongest terms possible the delays and lack of seriousness taken by the government to address this issue.


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