Talai Clan of Kalenjin Petition for Colonialists’ Payout Approved

UK owned tea farms

Members of Talai Clan have forwarded a petition to the Senate seeking support in their pursuit for compensation from British government. They are seeking the payout for atrocities committed during the struggle for independence.

Talai Council of Elders Secretary Moses Saina said they have handed the petition to the Senate through Nandi County Senator Stephen Sang, which has already been approved and is due for debate.

“This petition seeks support of the Senate in pursuing compensation from British government over the killing of freedom fighter Koitaleel Samoei and other members of the community and also for the loss of property including land, after the community was displaced,” said Saina.

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Many clans claim they were forced to live on mountains for flat lands be left for tea plantations

He said the petition also seeks recognition of the community for fair treatment in Government appointments, saying they were marginalised after they were moved from Nandi Hills to Kapsisiywa detention camp to create room for (white settlers’) tea plantations. The Nandi community through Koitaleel waged strong resistance to invasion of their land by British imperialism, which lasted for 11 years, leading to the hero’s killing in 1905. 

Courtesy of The Standard newspaper, Thursday June 2, Page 12 by Titus Too

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The Orkoiyot (seer) Koitalel arap Samoei of the Nandi prophesied that a black snake (the Kenya-Uganda railway) that spit fire would wind its way past Nandi land and disrupt people’s lives. Koitalel led the Nandi in an eleven year resistance against the British construction of the railway. In 1905 he was invited by British Colonel Richard Meinertzhagen under the pretense of negotiating a truce. He and his companions were murdered at the meeting. Koitaleel’s son Barsirian arap Manyei was detained by the British in 1922 and wasn’t released until 1964 — making him the longest serving political prisoner in Kenya.

Arise Nandi


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