Governor Lagat Sprays Water to Residents in Nandi Hills

Nandi County Fire Brigade

Nandi County governor Cleophas Lagat and his entourage made a slowing entry to the county’s second largest town today evening to show off the fire fighting machines. They drove bumper to bumper around the streets of Nandi Hills central business district stopping every few meters to attract crowd from residents who seemed reluctant to gather. Many people continued with their daily businesses as fire brigade made rounds in town, contrary to the custom where leaders are always accompanied by bikes and cheering squads.

The procession began from Nandi Hills junction near Aftah filling station towards Nandi Hills Police Station before taking a right turn at the market stalls towards TransNational Bank, Post Bank to Delta supermarket and down to KCB through Bata shop.

The county leader and his fellows were shocked at the  final stop at the famous Chebunki (the fallen tree) where they attracted few residents and several boda boda riders from a populated sub-county. Some were heard chanting “Mamii! Iwendi Gaa!” (“Nothing! You’re going home!“) implying that governor Cleophas Lagat would not be re-elected back to County’s gubernatorial leadership.

Clad with a helmet and a reflector, he rose to the top of the truck labelled “NANDI COUNTY GOVERNMENT” and addressed the crowd for few minutes before workers sprayed water spewed from the fire fighting trucks, dispersing the crowd immediately.

The fire fighting demonstrations spewed water several meters away which left many passers-by soaked and shaking. The celebratory event didn’t seem to please many. Some hawkers, who often operate their business around Kokwet Gardens, complained of their products being spoiled with water and splashing dirt.

Funny jokes have ensued the event that also happened today in Kapsabet town.

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