EXPOSED: Planners Under ‘Jubilee Nandi Youth League’ Failed Their Mission

Moibwech tangoita! was a cliché of frustrated youth on Saturday 9th of July. An afternoon meeting in Kapsabet ended in chaos when the invited youth of about 30 members learnt that they were duped by friends suspected to be having personal political interests — rather than the greater good of empowering and uniting the young in the society. Invitations that were largely done through WhatsApp Messenger had promised Nandi County youth that the ruling Jubilee Coalition had established a county-to-county youth-led political support leagues, and Nandi had not formed theirs, therefore calling for elections and formation of Jubilee Nandi Youth League.

But a day to the Tortoise Hotel meeting, the narrative changed its course. Allegations arose that the 7 organizers were hired by Felix Koskei, a 2017 gubernatorial aspirant, to hoodwink the youth into supporting him, and this greatly reduced the number of members who had expressed interests to attend the meeting and vie for the said vacant seats in the Jubilee Nandi Youth League. Suspicions mounted when the planners even failed to answer questions about the Agenda, Objectives, Vision and Mission of the association, promising that all will be known during the meeting.

Political interference cited
Political interference cited

Others withdrew their campaigns for the following positions:

  • County Coordinator
  • Secretary General
  • Treasurer
  • Chairperson
  • Sub-county Representatives

The seven organizers all had self vested interests in the above positions in what is observed as self endorsement and later after the chaotic meeting they announced that they have done interim elections, and they won unopposed as follows: (See also screenshots). Walter Bundotich, County Coordinator; Shaul Kemboi, Secretary General (He wasn’t among the organizers); Hezz, the Chairman and Ole Shilla, Treasurer; Ibrahim Kibiwott, National JYL Team Representative. Kimutai PK said he became Interim Vice Chair, JNYL.



Arise Nandi learnt that voting was never done, and the seats were self-acclaimed through social media. The rest of the positions were not announced. (If they were, then it was after this Editor got removed as a member from the WhatsApp Group chats where it all broke lose). One of the officials has told Arise Nandi that the disputes in meeting were politically motivated based on different aspirant alignment.



Arise Nandi

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N/B: Please note that phone numbers were erased on chats of unsaved contacts in all the screenshots.



4 thoughts on “EXPOSED: Planners Under ‘Jubilee Nandi Youth League’ Failed Their Mission

  1. If the Nandi County will still remain in this pathetic situation we as youths will arise an alarm the National government. Let’s embrace togetherness guys.

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    1. Kirwa Nicholas, thank you for your comment. It is important to call for unity amongst us the young so that we will have strength required of us to bring the change we want in our county. Keep it Here.

      – Admin

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