#TeamMafisi – The Nandi County List of Shame Now Exposed (Pt 1)


As Mike Rotich aka Sweetstar revealed #TeamMafisi in his newest album featuring Mafisi and Weekend in Kericho to Bomet, Arise Nandi releases the much awaited list of shame in Nandi County government basing on the findings of classified intelligence from Nandi County Civil Society Network, an insider in the county and the public domain. Team Mafisi is a sheng’ term used to describe people with a burning desire to steal, to corrupt and manipulate.

It is no doubt that Nandi County has witnessed one or all the above atrocities. In a rescue mission, Nandi County Civil Society Network put up a spirited fight through a successful petition which led honourable Cleophas Lagat to appear before the Senate that summoned him. He was questioned over charges of corruption, skewed employment, and misappropriation of funds among others.


Top in the list of shame is Governor Cleophas Lagat who has failed to prioritize development projects in the county, and his closest allies in Ministry of Finance and Procurement departments are not far behind. Some officials in the finance office approve cheques and issue cash to payments that are over-estimated and at times paying for undone project or “ghost” items. Ministry of Finance controls millions of county revenue and budgeting allocations and in 2013-2014, this ministry gave; [Source – Auditor-General’s Report, F/Y 2013-2014]


  • KShs 10,912,706 from the Executive for ‘study tour’ to Uganda in May 2014
  • 5,993,700 as Sitting Allowances in 2013-2014 when there were no Minutes for any meetings.
  • 5 million each to 48 MCAs and Speaker for mortgage and car loans which the money was not spent on property or cars in 2013-2014.
  • ‘Study tours’ with no reports or any evidence that work was done.

Click here for Part II of the list of shame, #TeamMafisi!

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