Who’ll Replace Cleophas Lagat? Here is The Ideal Aspirant


Leadership is not a chance to amass wealth for oneself, family, cronies and favour of one’s ethnic community, and Kenya’s next general election is a task for voters to choose wisely. And Nandi County, incumbent leaders will face a threat of a political turnover. New aspirants alike will face and encounter a very stiff competition in the race to occupy the county’s helm of leadership.


The seats yet to be rendered vacant have since attracted every Tom, Dick and Harry and there’s a popular notion across the county that the residents are in favour of new leaders, complaining that the current holders have done nothing more than embezzling funds and the obvious self-enriching schemes using public money. Critics from left, right and center citing poor leadership, corruption and nepotism have seen governor Cleophas Lagat lost trust among the residents, but he is on record asking voters for a second chance in office for another five years ahead to 2022.

But is no doubt that Arise Nandi, county’s top blog, can pen down that Lagat will be beaten and replaced – by who?

There are numerous aspirants, both fake and genuine. It is still unknown who will emerge the winner but by their announcement to enter into the gubernatorial race; Felix Kosgei, Engineer Anderson Serem, Henry Kiprono Kosgey , Architect Tirop Koech, Silas Kipruto (based in Baringo), Barnabas Sang among others have come out to declare their bids. The ultimate power to enthrone a governor lies in the choice of the people of Nandi through voting in unison.

Arise Nandi calls for unity of purpose and prudent selection for the sake of development, open governance, equity in resource allocation and restoration of the lost glory of once very productive land. A candidate who’ll table a social, economic and development oriented manifesto will emerge as the favourite and most likely to win the elections. The agenda to have Nandi rise up again should not be just a talk but a clearly demonstrated history of leadership and community empowerment projects. Integrity comes into play and this is a key principle to note during vetting and social audit.

This will be a suitable leader who will replace governor Cleophas Lagat.

Arise Nandi
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6 thoughts on “Who’ll Replace Cleophas Lagat? Here is The Ideal Aspirant

  1. We are looking forward for total Change in Nandi Political leadership, Starting from Mac’s to the top, We are tired of self seekers and looters

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