RIFYE – A Great CBO By The Youth For The Youth in Nandi

RIFYE Group Photo
RIFYE Group Photo – Tea Planters Inn on 27th Sat, 2016

RIFYE, which stands for Rural Initiative For Youth Empowerment is a non-profit community based organisation that was born and bred in Nandi Hills since its inception on December 2015. It is a youth oriented initiative driven by a common goal of empowering the poor and less fortunate. RIFYE has been in operation for more than than two years where a group of like-minded youth rolled up their sleeves and contributed their own resources to create a positive impact and putting a smile to the faces of the suffering.

RIFYE, after the formal registration as a CBO, expanded their operations to cover 6 constituencies in Nandi County. The idea of RIFYE formation is owed to Eliud Kogo, a young visionary and industrious youth from Nandi Hills constituency. The initiative was first launched in a meeting at Kapsimotwa Gardens and the group was subsequently registered in 2016.

RIFYE CBO certificate
RIFYE CBO certificate


  1. RIFYE have successfully sponsored Sharon Jebet of Kipsamo location to attend her secondary school education at Kosoiywo Secondary School, after realizing that the family had financial challenges. Sharon is currently in Form One. Her tution fees and her basic requirements including uniforms and pocket money are catered for by RIFYE.
  2. Erick Kibet, an unfortunate boy from Chesuwe location was successfully admitted to Kabote secondary school in Nandi Hills. He equally is catered for his tution and persinal effects by RIFYE.
  3. During the second launch and meeting of the group at Tea Planters Inn, RIFYE called for the area youth to help fundraise towards building Erick’s mother a house. Due to the fact that their home where she lives with her son and daughter is almost falling down, RIFYE has lined up the program to have their house built before end of September. The youth in Tea Planters Inn agreed in unison to build the house themselves. Erick’s mother was present and dearly thanked all in attendance for the planned construction and continuous financial assistance towards his son’s education.
  4. RIFYE is also sponsoring a football team in Kipsamo by supplying them with balls. The team is expecting sports kits as RIFYE is planning to register the team.
  5. Kenneth, another beneficiary got an accident in 2015 after a motorbike wreck. He had stayed home without treatment for around 4 months when RIFYE came to help him get medication from AIC Kijabe hospital where he was operated and is still under medication right now. He can walk again though with little help from crutches.
    Beneficiaries, From Left - Kenneth, Eric and Sharon
    Beneficiaries, From Left – Kenneth, Eric and Sharon
  6. Through RIFYE, over 10 men and women have secured employment at Hill Top Hotel in Kapsabet Town as cooks, waiters, chéfs and suppliers of products. This initiative has created a great employment opportunity to the unemployed youths in Kapsabet town.

RIFYE calls for the well wishers and sponsors to support many other needy families across the county. Due to the fact that county funds allocated for such programs are hard to come by and reluctance looms, members of RIFYE are committed to see a happy and a sustainable society. Arise Nandi joins this spirited team in bringing a difference and so your welcomed. Contact us.

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RIFYE Blogger
And Blogger Took The Final Group Selfie…


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