Arise Nandi: Demote Ayiro and Let Kosgey Lead Moi University

Moi University
Moi University

It is more than obvious that public institutions in Kenya embrace workers from all walks of life and Moi University is no exception. But it has also been a norm that local communities boast of a lion’s share in appointments and other resources in their locality, and this has been the trend since time immemorial. Rift Valley, the biggest state in Kenya is cosmopolitan where Kalenjin people and especially Nandi have been living in cohesion with people from other tribes.

And recently, Moi University held interviews of Vice Chancellor to replace Richard Mibey who has served his time well and was deemed to retire.

After interviews and selection of the qualified candidate, Kosgey emerged the best beating Mr Ayiro and others hands down. He was fit for the purpose and all set to be the next Vice Chancellor of Moi University, as decided by the panel and University Council. 

But shock hit the University Council, leaders and the community when Cabinet Secretary for Education Mr Fred Matiang’i appointed a loser Mr. Ayiro  (from his tribe?) instead of the winning candidate – much worse without giving a reason for his inappropriate appointment.

Who’s now tribal, Nandi people or Matiang’i?

Governors Jackson Mandago (Uasin Gishu) and Tolgos (Elgeiyo Marakwet) accompanied by Members of Parliament Sudi (Kapseret) and Alfred Ketter (Nandi Hills) and MCAs went to the university to demand transparency in the school. They were right to do so as the leaders of the land, mandated to represent the people, their interests and views. This action is not in any way tribal when due diligence is demanded.

This scenario is a wake up call to Kalenjin people. Leaders and activists who guarded our interest and resources like Koitalel Arap Samoei, Jelagat Mutai, Jean Mary Seroney should be reborn.

  • University of Eldoret had previously experienced the same issue, and now Moi. A quick glance at the helm of leadership across Kenyan universities prove that over 90% are leaders from the community the institution is located, so should this be the same in Nandi.

There is a factor known as political goodwill. This means that any organization or institution situated in a particular area should conform and be friendly to the political trends of the same place, to allow coexistence of both parties.

When high ranking county leaders and politicians are in disagreement with one Laban Ayiro, the peace and tranquility in Moi University and the community is compromised.

“Mr. Matiang’i, Demote Ayiro who did not qualify in the interview as soon as possible and let Kosgey be Vice Chancellor of Moi University.” Blogger.

Graduation takes place today Thursday, and Friday.

Arise Nandi

County Have Your Say!


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