Tindiret Voices Bore Fruit: Quack Doctor is Arrested. How Many Left in Nandi County?

Robert Melly - The Quack Doctor
Robert Melly – The Quack Doctor

The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people. But by the silence of good people. This is what Napoleon said but Martin Luther King added, history will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people. Residents of Meteitei and Tindiret at large have not only made their voices heard, but also acted upon. Ronald Kiprotich Melly, 28, a quack Medical Superintendent who worked at Kapsabet Refferal Hospital and Meteitei Sub county hospital after promotion has been arrested by Special Crimes and Prevention Unit at the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board offices, after residents blew the whistle about of his qualification, deployment and promotion to a medical doctor.


At the grilling, Melly confessed to the Medical Board CEO Daniel Yumbya that he doesn’t remember his admission number, some names of his classmates and lecturers and he still had three supplementary examinations undone, showing he did not qualify to graduate, let alone practice as a medic. He has so far carried out surgeries and delivered babies without a sting in his conscience.


Quacks in Nandi County; How Many Are Left?
Perhaps Melly saw himself as having made it by duping everyone across the Ministry of Health but his story is now akin to grass to grace and back. He had put lives of thousands of Kenyans at risk, but his day has come after two years of being an imposter. It is no doubt that there still exist other quacks and even ghost workers in the corrupt system of Nandi County and the country Kenya. Many jobs advertised by various County Public Service Boards are fake or already filled but the advert is meant to hoodwink the people that transparency is observed but the opposite is true. This story hit the national headlines in one of the dailies, but it only scratched the surface. Many residents will be surprised if EACC conducts investigation and arrest culprits found culpable of misappropriation and abuse of office.

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In advocating for transparency and open governance, Nandi County Civil Society Network has received several complaints from the public about skewed employment. One case alleges a husband and his wife were both working in the same office, while another is unlawful dismissal of qualified personnel to replace with members of the family, friends and political cronies.

One case that Arise Nandi had interest in was for Hellen Kirui who had applied for Ward Administrator job. She was shortlisted and called for the interviews and she emerged among the top three candidates alongside an AIC Reverend and a male teacher from Kapsabet High School. At the County Assembly, MCAs debated the matter and with regarding gender rule, Hellen was probably a winner because the other two were of the male gender. It later emerged that the eleventh candidate (second last) was eventually employed.

Tindiret residents have won the fight against these unscrupulous placements this time at Meteitei Hospital. The rest of the constituents across Nandi should emulate whistle blowing and make it a norm, because the voices of the good people will save the world.


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