DEAD POLITICALLY? – MP Shocked Residents After Rumours of Ditching Jubilee To Go Solo

Member of Parliament for Nandi Hills Constituency is politically finished! Rumours hitting the streets and corridors of Rift Valley allege that Alfred Ketter has announced that he’s not part and parcel of Jubilee Party in the next general elections, adding that any politician who subscribe to the Jubilee ideology is a “fool”.

Links doing rounds in social media has caused a stir that has accorded the MP wrath and sympathy in equal measure. Staunch supporters and political pundits accuse the MP of leaving a perceived winning party in Jubilee and he is blamed for going against the government since 2013. It is in his opposition affiliation that residents of Nandi Hills constituency believe that it made the Uhuru and Ruto administration to discriminate Nandi Hills in development and state visits.

Most notably, both the head of states have never launched mega projects in Nandi County and residents are pointing a finger of blame to MP Alfred Letter for not only refusing working with the government but also accusing the government of corruption in Standard Gauge Railway tender, NYS scandal among others. This is believed to have scared away national government programs and participation, leaving Nandi County to the mercy of highly corrupt County heads and officials.

In the county’s second biggest town and MP’s main political homestead, people have distanced themselves from the MP arguing that they must elect a leader that would be “inside the system” and have a working and amicable relationship with the national government. Many expressed that Ketter, since his election, has never put Nandi Hills agenda top in his list and instead immersing himself into issues that do not benefit residents he is supposedly representing. The long whistle blowing in NYS, SGR and Weighbridge saga were his major critics inside and outside parliament.

Residents say he has never talked about pressing issues for example the  Nandi squatters, regional poor tea prices (farmers in Central are well paid), Koitaleel University College instability, Title Deeds, among others and instead abdicating these responsibilities to an activist blogger of Arise Nandi based in the area to advocate for the people of Nandi.

Blogger Speaks on Servant Leadership

His only work known is the last week’s petition he tabled in parliament to address multinational company’s leases and economic crimes where Rift Valley and Coast provinces are worst hit by this menace.

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2 thoughts on “DEAD POLITICALLY? – MP Shocked Residents After Rumours of Ditching Jubilee To Go Solo

    1. Amos Letting, thanks for feedback. If our people stop voting because of tribe affiliation, age, size and wealth then we will have a servant leadership whose people’s interests and community development are top in the agenda.


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