Kesses Parliamentary Aspirant Accused of Using a Media House to Fight off Opponents

A section of Kesses residents have accused Dr Swarup Mishra who has declared his interest for Kesses Parliamentary seat of using a media house owned by his family to fight off his opponents.

“It is quite unfortunate and sad that one Dr Mishra has decided to follow a dangerous path of character and profession assassination in seeking to wrestle his competitors for the Kesses Parliamentary seat.” Lamented a resident who seaked anonymity.

Word doing rounds across the constituency has it that Mishra, a flamboyant Doctor turned politician is using Nation Television to further his witch hunt on one Hon. Isaac Terer the Uansin Gishu county speaker who has declared his interest on the Kesses Parliamentary seat.

The Nation media group and particularly NTV is owned by Agha Khan family, which Mishra is part of. The media house published a cooked story about a month ago,  alleging that the speaker had conned an athlete. The case is now in court and this  portrayed the  speaker in bad light.

NTV did this without facts, or even  allowing the Speaker to give his part of the story.  It is reported that  the media house under instructions from Mishra went ahead to air wrong information with an aim of discrediting and jeopardizing Terer’s ambitions of rescuing the people of Kesses.

It is reported that  in the same media house, sources indicate that Mishra is not yet done. He has tasked the media house to once again falsely report about the speaker questioning his profession as a lawyer.

NTV will run a false report condemning and castigating the speaker thus ruining his reputation. Angry residents have threatened to demonstrate against Mishra’s candidature if he does not shape up.

“We will soon call for a demonstration against these ills done by him,  we know all these sideshows are  Mishra’s attempts to ruin and ensure that Terer’s reputation and popularity among the residents is washed.” A resident who spoke in confidence said.

We want to remind Mishra that Kesses residents have never, and will never be led by an immigrant. We may be having problems with the leader but as sure as the sun rises from the East, immigrants and or non natives and will not be the solution to our problems. The residents declared. 

“We have sons and daughters who can lead us. It is totally unacceptable for him to use the media house owned by his family to discredit other leaders and or enable him score political points”, they summarised.

The following screenshots shows that the first story aired by NTV was wrong.






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