#Events2016 – The Top Ten News That Went Viral


The following are ten articles of last year that probably added new readers making it the year that was – capturing the attention of many across world and creating impacts. Clicks, views and impressions into Arise Nandi increased in numbers counting to the biggest fortune yet, since the blog’s inception!

1. Longest Tea Pluckers’ demonstration, Shocking Dismissal and Forced Eviction

In Nandi County, 2016 was characterized by thousands of tea workers of Nandi Tea Estate LTD and Eastern Produce Kenya demanding full pay increase ordered by Labour Court. EPK clashes worsen where one person died by a bullet wound among other serious injuries.

EPK Limited, whose section of tea plantation was burnt, got fed up and went ahead to sack 99% of its field workers, giving them a notice (of 7 days*) to vacate company estates and premises, but at night of the same day security guards accompanying police officers moved house to house to evict dismissed workers!

The company is now employing new workers, and it is in the hopes of Arise Nandi that locals are given the first priority.

2. Land Grabbing Cases

Hundreds of squatters went to court demanding land allegedly grabbed by Henry Kosgei’s Tea Estate. Residents claimed the whole portion of land supposedly theirs was not fully offered therefore seeking assistance of the court to have the remaining land relinquished to them. Kipkeibon Tea Estate was alleged to still retaining 70 acres of land.

3. Jubilee Youth League Fallout

The much hyped Nandi Youth League that was to be formed in Kapsabet town turned chaotic, failed and hit a snag.

4. The Quack Doctor Mystery and NCPSB Mistrust

News of a superintendent doctor in Maraba Hospital being a quack hit the news headlines and cover pages nationwide. The probe proceeded to the court and finally Ronald Kiprotich Melly was back home amid cheerful residents asking him to vie for MCA seat. Nandi County Public Service Board, whose Secretary is Esther Letting, was accused of making corruption and nepotism a modus operandi in recruitment of county staff. Esther is alleged to conspire with Lagat and the Board to determine whose job application gets into the list of payroll, and whose doesn’t. Some employees are rumoured to have been handpicked even without qualification.

5. Parliamentary Petition and Arise Nandi Activism

Nandi Hills MP Alfred Ketter finally headed the call for justice by tabling a petition in Parliament to review expired land leases and subsequent change of ownership. The bill seeks to withdraw land from the claws and teeth of multinational tea companies back to the Nandi People, but the story has gone quiet and little is known about land leases. Historical injustices to Nandi Hills people remain unresolved.

6. Mashujaa Celebration

News of how Nandi celebrated Mashujaa for two days received wide viewership. The story can be read here.

7. Youth Empowerment Programs

Arise Nandi stories of Youth of The Month and RIFYE launch made it to be among the top highly sought news. Former EPK Operations Director Mr. William “Bill” Rustrick is Arise Nandi Man of The Year. He empowered youth talents in Nandi Hills and offered assistance in creating businesses and training of technical skills. His mark in Nandi Hills and profound leadership at Eastern Produce Kenya lives and shall always be remembered.

8. Governor Sprays Water to People

Outgoing governor Cleophas Lagat came launching fire extinguishing machinery in Nandi Hills. Demonstrating the strength of the machine, he donned the attire of a fire extinguisher and swung into action, spraying water tens of meters away. The story is here. 2017 has attracted, pardon the pun, every type of urban jungle – from the slimmy and slithering, the cunning yet timid to the roaring bullies, all with the mission to unseat Lagat and restore the lost glory of Nandi County.

9. Jubilee Campaign Team and its Response to Arise Nandi

Many politicians disputed the 8-member team and Arise Nandi posted a hit or miss article, prompting Jubilee to respond and increasing the numbers of campaigners. Click here to view.

10. Web Homepage

Many fans clicked homepage of arisenandi.wordpress.com, perhaps to learn more about the blog, objectives, mission and vision.

Happy New Year, 2017.
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