The Bursary Scandal – Parts of Nandi County Rejects Meagre Amounts

Residents of Kaplelmet Gathered For Bursary

As residents declare “Owekchi Chematel“, Arise Nandi can sensationally claim that governor, Dr. Cleophas Lagat with some of his errant MCAs colluded and extremely embezzled Nandi County bursary money, with a full knowledge of County Assembly who could immediately pass an impeachment motion to rescue education sector of this lovely land – for four years.

Unconfirmed sources claim that Mr. Lagat bribed the MCAs Ksh 7 million each to;

1. defend himself on imminent impeachment motion,
2. stop further accusations of swindling bursary (have you heard any MCA advocating for bursary, at least on media?),
3. deny, deflect and suppress civil society and public scrutiny efforts of access to information regarding the scandal and
4. intimidate the national government auditing exercise, faking financial records and failing to cooperate with officials in an attempt to delay and hide evidence.


It is the fifth and the final year of this regime, and the situation is not any better. The county government hastily responded to a mounting pressure from the activists, civil society and angry residents with support from the County Senator Stephen Sang to release bursary, releasing it albeit insufficient amounts.

In various meetings held across county locations, sub-locations and designated primary schools, many residents could not hide their grievances of delayed and insufficient release at the eleventh hour.

In Nandi Hills, hot on the heals of Deputy President William Ruto at Kaplelmet Primary School, hundreds of residents gathered from four sub-locations to receive bursary funds from the county government officials. To their rude shock, they were allocated only Sh 82,000 to cater for University, College, Vocational Training Centres (Polytechnics), Secondary Schools and People Living with Disabilities combined.

To break down this amount, it meant Ksh 20, 0000 to support one university student, Ksh 15, 000 for one college student, Ksh 15,000 for one in a polytechnic, Ksh 8,000 for three in secondary schools (one sub-location in 4 was to miss out the support), and 8, 000 for one person living with disability.

Discontent was looming and “Kigochin ng’o kong’et ng’o?”….  “Owekchi Chematel” (Who’ll benefit and who won’t?… return this to Lagat, sic) murmurings were heard from the crowd, and in a meeting that ended in chaos, residents gave up the spirited fight that they started four years ago, asking three officials who had guilt written on their faces to take the funds back to the governor.

It was not surprising anymore when Mutwot location and parts of Mosoriot, and other regions across the county rejected the meagre bursary allocations, proof that Nandi governor Cleophas Lagat could’ve looted the funds alongside his cronies. In his self-defense, Lagat said he will release more funds later in what has been seen as diversionary and delay tactics to hide the scandal behind it.

Merely 7 months to a general election, many residents – almost the entire county will never taste the bursary of Lagat administration, whose regime has plundered education down low, with various departments performing way below the average.

See also the article on The Standard about Nandi County Bursary here.

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2 thoughts on “The Bursary Scandal – Parts of Nandi County Rejects Meagre Amounts

    1. Sammy Sang, thanks for your comment. I urge residents of Nandi County to liaise with Civil Society and petition for his arrest, conviction and incarceration for corruption, nepotism and misappropriation of public funds.


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