Hold Esther Chelagat Letting Accountable For Poorest Rank in County Service Delivery


Nandi County PR efforts seem not to bore any fruits as most news appearing from the county shows ineptitude, corruption and embezzlement of funds. What makes the county to look good is the news of selfless heroic ancestors, gold, silver and bronze medalists reigning in Olympics and Marathon athletics.

Just a month to go to the effect of National and County staff pay increase where all civil servants will enjoy the SRC’s recommended pay rise, Nandi residents and citizens of various counties with poorly rated service delivery will lose value of their taxes. The Salaries and Remuneration Commission has graded jobs in the entire public service into 19 categories, with the lowest employee in grade B1 earning a minimum of 14,442 and top earners in E4 getting a starting salary at 292,765.Over 600,000 workers, for the first time in the devolved system of governments, will enjoy the new pay structure that is competitive in job progression, unlike the previous structure that saw many stuck as promotions were dished based on nepotism, bribery and cronyism rather than qualifications.


In the recent daily newspaper, Nandi County was ranked the worst in service delivery! Nandi County Public Service Board which is the body mandated to employ staff by qualifications and merit – but whose officials have instead dealt a blow to innocent residents by employing quacks, relatives and friends without following legal mechanisms pertaining to recruitment processes – has created too many mouths to feed, with little experience and skills rendered.

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At the center of poor service delivery in Nandi is one secretary general of NCPSB Esther Chelagat Letting who runs virtually everything going in and out of the recruitment department and finally into the county’s payroll. She is supposed to be held responsible for the poor services derailing progress and development of Nandi County, some of which have appeared on national newspapers! Until then, she doesn’t have the moral standing to seek any seat in Nandi County where she’s currently serving yet there’s nothing to celebrate in her tenure!

Arise Nandi!

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