“Am Still Vying For Nandi Gubernatorial Seat” – Says Henry Kiprono Kosgey


As the race to the highest county seat hots up in Nandi determined to give the incumbent a run for his money and an embarrassing defeat, aspirants for the governor’s seat are burning the midnight oil to defeat their opponents and emerge as the favourite candidate.

However, few aspirants have gone too far to demean their opponent’s mission as is the case for one Henry Kiprono Kosgey. Recently, some opponents orchestrated a scheme to spread propaganda that Henry Kosgey has rescinded his gubernatorial vision to vie for senate seat, which, according to Kosgey were “outright lies and propaganda.”

Henry Kosgei addressing a crowd

The former Tindiret member of parliament reassured Nandi residents that he still have his eyes on the prize, dismissing opponents theatrics of spreading wrong information. “I am still in the race for governor. The mission is unchanged”, says Henry Kosgey in a statement.

Henry Kosgey asking voters to register en masse and support his bid

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2 thoughts on ““Am Still Vying For Nandi Gubernatorial Seat” – Says Henry Kiprono Kosgey

  1. If am told we are bidding for our county, it is like we want to elect the best thieve who can steal from tax payers and seal the deal”

    Kura kwa kamoek, wazee hatuna maneno ni mapresure ya ku eradicate corruption in our county as well as poverty.

    Liked by 1 person

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