THE FINAL DAY: Pius Metto, Nandi Hills Aspiring MP Ask Voters To Register

Voter Registration
Kata Kura. Kura Yako Sauti Yako

14/02/2017. Pius Metto, his family, friends and his campaign team wishes you a very loving Valentines Day.

A day after a touching radio interview on Kitwek FM (audio is available), he joined Waziri Franklin Bett in asking Kenyans to register as voters as the exercise comes to its end today.

A selfless leader of Kap Maraba explained his sacrifice for the sake of the ailing Nandi Hills Constituency, whose incumbent MP Alfred Ketter has neglected for far too long, and the need to bring a lasting change. Pius Metto has explained to the residents that his calling to lead and transform Nandi Hills is driven by the desire to restore the star of Nandi’s lost glory, wealth and the dreams of our forefathers. His manifesto is etched on Education, Equitable Service Delivery, Transparency and Accountability.

His heartfelt plea to be voted in has sunk deep into the hearts of many, making many youth and women to register as voters amid a looming apathy.


Warembo Campaigns For Pius Metto
Warembo Na Metto

After managing 14 billions of shillings in NSSF without any misappropriation, Metto has assured residents that use and distribution of Constituency’s Development Fund will be properly and equally utilized to the benefit of all the residents.

Leaving a commendable track record in his previous employment, his entry to politics has been received with applause in the grassroots, where he has appealed that he will be a home-based leader giving chance to participatory policy and decision making, where the residents of Nandi Hills will have their say and their way.

Pamoja Twaweza
Pamoja Twaweza

Many have expressed their displeasure with incumbent Alfred Ketter of telling lies and bribing boda boda riders. He made a false promise of setting up his office in the constituency, but there is no operational office of an MP.

“We are not going to gamble with our votes and leadership this time”, a resident told Arise Nandi on condition of anonymity. He continues, “He went to Nairobi and set up his office there and pursued Nairobi and Kericho politics leaving us here in poverty. His re-election is a dangerous risk for us here as this is his last term. Ask Ketter to vie in Kericho or Nairobi like he did in Starehe Constituency and lost during his first entry to politics because he began there. He initially never had the Nandi Hills’ interests at heart. We have to bring in a new servant leader, and I will vote for Pius Metto.”

Wamama Na Pius Metto
Wamama na Pius Metto

Nandi Hills is county’s most historic home to great forefathers of Kalenjin.  From the steeps of Chepsangor in the sharps of highly twisted corners, to the hills of Ketbarak across to Tindiret, to the sloppy lying plains of Taboiyat North West of Kapsabet is Nandi Hills Constituency having the county’s second biggest town. Blessed with a variety of agricultural produce in favourable weather conditions, Nandi Hills has vast resources that requires a strategic and a servant leader to actualize this wealth to the benefit of every family – and make the source of champions great again.

Pius Metto has the ability, skills and willingness to realize these. Vote wisely.


Arise Nandi.
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One thought on “THE FINAL DAY: Pius Metto, Nandi Hills Aspiring MP Ask Voters To Register

  1. Hi! Metto am from handi hill chesetai sup-location nakusikianga tu but cos no body huku hako na Link na we na coz we need a leader wenge wako na future sijui kama kusa am a chief campaigner of someone but simtaki ni mkora can i try with u? Ama


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