HOMECOMING RECEPTION: Elders To Crown & Enthrone Pius Metto on Friday 24th


A groundbreaking homecoming reception for Pius Metto will be one of a kind. Set to take place at his home in Himaki, Kibiok village is a warm welcoming of a son that Nandi Hills will witness his crowning as the next Member of Parliament and a servant leader to the historic constituency known to be a source of champions and cradle land of Kalenjin kinship. Elders from various wards of the constituency will fit into his head the traditional crown of leadership – “Kutweet”.


His willingness and desire to restore the lost glory of Nandi Hills constituency to the shining star it used to be is no doubt reflected in his pillars of manifesto: Accountability, Education, Value Based Leadership, Economic Empowerment and Equitable Service Delivery.


Pius Metto and his family, friends and campaign team are welcoming you to the homecoming celebration and interdenominational prayers on 24th Friday.


Pamoja Twaweza




Arise Nandi

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