Residents Reject Alfred Ketter After His Posters Litter on Sign Posts

Two weeks after his personal assistants called boda boda riders to Septon Primary for reflectors bearing KANU party colours and 300 shillings each, the MP confidants are back at it again. Hired youths in Nandi Hills and a watchman in Lessos were spotted around midnight recklessly sticking campaign posters on sign posts and billboards, sealing important marks and adverts.


Nandi Hills residents work up to a boring sights of red posters bearing the image of Alfred Ketter in what has been termed “careless actions”. One billboard spotted by Arise Nandi has been completely sealed by posters. Word is going round the the member of parliament is trying to regain fame after sensing defeat from his strongest opponent Mr. Pius Metto who is gaining popularity in the area.

The Jubilee labeled posters have been seen as a trick to counter claims that he is allied to KANU after his reflectors bear KANU resemblance.


Ketter has been accused of actively dealing with issues that do not benefit his constituency, where he doesn’t have an office nor a substantial development project as compared to his counterpart honourable Melly who is known to have assisted many teachers to get employment and unbiased use of CDF funds to revive education across Tindiret Constituency.

The weighbridge saga, Standard Gauge Railway and NYS scandals became Ketter’s main agenda where he dedicated his strength and time, issues which did not have a beneficial impact to the constituency he plays representative roles.

Arise Nandi

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2 thoughts on “Residents Reject Alfred Ketter After His Posters Litter on Sign Posts

  1. As I know Kalenjin we are bullying each other. If we open our eyes and see it clearly, we are having internal opposition within us, our leaders 60/100 are Ruto’s favourites and are endorsed. That’s selfish. When Ketter highlighted the truth, does he becomes an enemy of D.P and the Community?

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