OUT OF THE RACE: Nandi County Women Representative Aspirant Has Surrendered


Esther Letting has rescinded her ambition and stepped out of the race to occupy the office of Women Representative in Nandi County government. News of her bowing down to former competitors have been received with mixed reactions: hurting to closer relatives and friends, confusion to some of the electorates as well as happiness to many who were against her manifesto and style of leadership.

Happening few days after anti-corruption commission announced about vetting the integrity of all aspirants eyeing elective offices, Esther will now escape the trap after stepping down from the race earlier. Today in the dailies, President has declared Jubilee nomination aspirants facing corruption charges will be disqualified. All aspirants are therefore required to clear from Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission before they participate in party primaries.


Known to be very close to incumbent governor Cleophas Lagat and colluding together to employ relatives, cronies and quacks, Esther was a key “point man” in NCPSB. Arise Nandi wanted to know reasons why she surrendered but Esther Letting had not immediately responded to inquiries by the time of going to press. Either way, then personal assistant during her campaigns alluded that “she just felt like giving someone the opportunity.” However, she did not disclose to Arise Nandi who ‘someone’ is.


Political pundits observe that she stepped down to avoid much scrutiny of the anti-graft agency which could expose rot into Cleophas Lagat government accused of corruption scandals ranging from controversial multimillion gate and its artefacts, ghost projects to irregular recruitment procedures.

One of the IEBC’s requirement to contest in the August General Election is to resign from public offices. She has been the Secretary of Nandi County Public Service Board, and the fate of her job in the recruitment board is still unknown after publicly joining politics. Indeed, it is better to quit than to fight a losing battle.

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