VIDEO: The Biggest Land Grabber Henry Kosgey Insults Nandi People

Henry Kiprono Kosgey toured Nandi Hills town to seek support for his gubernatorial ambition. But in one of his stop-over at the Market Stalls inside the CBD, Henry Kosgey, while addressing majority of ‘Mama Sokoni’, insulted Nandi people as foolish who do not know “how to count one billion shillings!”.

Former Member of Parliament for 33 years representing Nandi Hills and Tindiret Constituencies (then combined before devolution), and a minister, is Nandi County’s biggest land grabber as an individual. Larger portion of his wealth the he is splashing around in campaign trails is sourced from the tea plantations of the lands he grabbed and those he was bribed with by multinational tea companies in order to mute, suppress and humiliate Nandi Squatters seeking justice and reclamation of ancestral lands.

Along his speech, HKK claims he wants to bring development to Nandi People.

For 3 decades in parliament, why didn’t he brought his said development after being in the position and capacity to develop Nandi?


Pundits have expressed that he is wealthy, but his political comeback might be aimed at grabbing more lands to divide the wealth of tea to majority of his family members, and protect the interests of multinationals against squatters.

His son, Alex Kosgei is the current member of parliament in Emgwen Constituency and some allege that incumbent Women Representative – Zipporah Kering, might be related to the family.

He lied to Nandi Hills residents that he constructed the market stalls, which is not the case. HKK politics sounded like the one of throwing tantrums and lacking a minefesto because in his speech, he talked more of theft experienced in current county leadership without giving a proper solution to the rampant corruption.

Old people in the community, majority of which do not have title deeds as suppressed by him in his previous regime, laothes the leadership of Henry Kosgey. They say he led Nandi age sets of Sawe, Kipkoimet, Kaplelach, Kipnyigei and now he wants to lead Nyongi!

Mamii chi Nandi bikyook eng’ ibinweek tugul ne kandoin i?

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3 thoughts on “VIDEO: The Biggest Land Grabber Henry Kosgey Insults Nandi People

  1. HNK never insulted the Nandis but he spoke the the truth a billion ksh. Is not a little money that anyone can count. Why are you attacking Henry koskey leaving the indigenous Nandis out. If koskey was a bad leader why was he reelected several times, I was waiting for a smart person who comes out and tell Nandis to unite first who will bring Nandis in Nandi county together for we are living fragmented and that makes Nandis in week decision making not only in this county but, in the intire country so please have mercy on Nandis and leave propaganda for I personal believe God is with the Nandis, Before you tell us who is your favourite gubernatorial candidature and stop comics Nandi is divided into six constituencies, Aldai, Tindiret, Nandi hills,Emgwen,Chesumei, and Mosop, people have been divided a long this constituencies with leaders in order to easy for them to govern us this is not about HNK it is about Nandis with their Families and generation to come please put where the blame should be call a spade a spade. Bring in ideas that will unite us as Nandis in Nandi county..

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    1. David Kogo, thanks for this bright comment. My issue is the insult and how he demonstrated it, and why does this old man wants to lead all age sets?

      He should retire and give us out time and space.


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