SOCIAL MEDIA: Politics of Discord & Diversity of Opinion


Politics. Politics. Politics everywhere! Can someone else relate? That is expected considering this is Kenya’s election year. However, I’d like to focus on one issue – Social Media and Politics. Unlike the previous years, there are a lot of politics on social media. Nandi, for instance has several Facebook and WhatsApp groups with a huge audience  – which is a good thing. The world is going digital and we need to incorporate social media.

The problem begins when hurling insults becomes the order of the day. I’m sure that almost every social media user has spotted a post which makes you question the intent of whoever put up that information. If you do not like an aspirant, it is pointless to post information that is aimed at maligning their character. Besides, in politics any publicity is good publicity. It is much better to give an audience to any aspirant and then your vote will decide. Being a keyboard warrior is not wise at all. Let your vote be the ultimate warrior. Let us all campaign for our favorite candidate but without hate mongering.


Arise Nandi!
By: Mercy Simatwo

The writer is a social media enthusiast and is passionate about matters governance.

Twitter: @MissSimatwo
Facebook: Mercy Simatwo.



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