INVESTING IN EDUCATION: Pius Metto Donates Textbooks To Pupils In Nandi Hills

Pius Metto, the most popular aspiring Member of Parliament in Nandi Hills Constituency visited my former primary school and donated various textbooks for pupils and teacher guides. In his recent visit to Kaplelmet Primary School, he was welcomed in cheers and joy to the community that had waited for long a change of regime!

After addressing Pupils of Class 6, 7 and 8 at the assembly ground where he donated textbooks and encouraged them to excel in their academics by citing his education journey, he graced the waiting parents who sang songs of praise for Metto’s heroic welcome.

Investing in the Education of Our Kids

Parents stood and accused other leaders whose politics do not dwell on development agenda and transformative manifesto. Pius Metto is a long awaited redemption, a deserving leader to be given the vote to lead this lovely constituency endowed with great natural resources and, potential and talented men and women.

“Politics of 50/= handouts and alcoholic bills paid in bars has swayed our youth away from the morals of our community. We need leaders like Pius Metto who has come here today to invest in the future of our children through education.” One parent emotionally reiterated. “We’re tired of bragging, noises and false promises that do not impact benefits to this community”, she finished.

School Chairman receives textbooks

In the same location, precisely in Kimasaas and Kabikwen villages, honourable Pius Metto had already facilitated sponsorship of two needy students whose parents would not pay fees until their kids complete primary and secondary education. The two are among more than ten other sponsored students across the constituency.

Incumbent MP has been accused of swaying the youth with nothing more than handouts and boda boda crowding. After being frustrated in one of his rally that prompted Alfred Ketter to slap a boda boda operator, he has now resorted to using helicopter in his campaign trails.

Many political pundits have alleged that the expensive gesture of flying the chopper around Nandi Hills has made him selfish by avoiding contact with the electorate who would at times stop him over the roadsides. Close informers allege that he was annoyed by his supporters who block the road to stop him and ask for money – which would mostly turn chaotic. His source of wealth to afford him a flying chopper during the campaign is unknown.

In Kipkimba Primary School, Pius Metto delivered a touching speech that turned the hearts of many. However, voters cautioned him not to emulate habits of current and previous leaders who see the importance of the people and start visiting only during campaigns season.

A woman asked, “Where were they since 2013? CDF benefits have never been enjoyed to the full in this community. Let us not be fooled again.”

She advised Metto to keep a direct contact with the people and avoid brokers who act as intermediaries between the electorate and him as the leader. Metto agreed in affirmative and promised to visit back and sit with the community to strategize development programs deserving the area, as they vowed to vote for him.

He was assured of support by the youth, men and women.

Pius Metto Donates Textbooks

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