COUNTING LOSES WITH ALFRED KETTER: Repulsive MP Scared Uhuru & Ruto Away!

He is known in the national politics as a famous critique of Jubilee administration pointing fingers of blame to the high and mighty, vocal against Waiguru and the NYS scandals, SGR saga, Weighbridge confrontation with the police where his video went viral insulting police officers and issuing threats… among others!

But his backyard of Nandi Hills Constituency, Alfred Ketter has been coined a different name; “murenet”, a name that has nothing substantial to show for it!

The second biggest “city” in Nandi County and endowed with Kenya’s best selling tea in United Kingdom, Alfred Ketter did not legislate wisely to tap this enormous wealth of the tea plantations to the benefit of residents, who happen to be squatters in their own land and ruled by cartels of multinational tea companies.


One: The retired president Mwai Kibaki visited the graveyard of Koitaleel Arap Samoei that lies in Kapng’etuny, that is now Koitaleel Samoei Mausoleum. After Kibaki, Uhuru was supposed to pay tribute to the hero of Nandi during previous commemoration event but skipped because of the bad blood between the UhuRuto and Ketter. This could have been the best opportunity for the fourth president to visit and launch the museum, expand the facility’s capacity, build more structures for study, artefacts and other tourist attractions scenes.

Two: The most painful loss yet in Nandi Hills is the launching of Koitaleel Samoei University. The school has been struggling financially and it is at the brink of collapse! Goerge Tarus, Nandi County’s legal advisor has done more than the current MP in making the Nandi Hills University a dream-come-true!

This shows how bad AKK lacks priorities and doesn’t have the interests of Nandi Hills residents at heart. While other MPs were gathering resources to their respective constituencies, Ketter was busy scattering his and wasting his chances. Every resident of Nandi Hills know how the University could’ve already spurred economic growth in the constituency.

When deputy president landed from his chopper on his way from Kapkulusia towards Kericho, he stopped in Kaplelmet primary school where aspiring MP Pius Metto recently donated various textbooks. The DP cautioned people of Nandi Hills to “…elect leaders that we can work together with as a national government so that state functions and projects can reach to you the people.

Makimeche kipsangwar tum.”  From the DP’s speech, it was clear that Alfred Ketter has been a stumbling block to developments directly from the national government. The deputy president promised that he would visit back a month after, accompanied by President Uhuru Kenyatta to launch more projects, key among them was the Koitaleel Samoei University. Months passed and nothing has been forthcoming.


The number of squatters and the mystery of land leases has been the headache of many residents of NHC. He did nothing for four years just to wake up and realize the problem, and has tabled his bill in parliament this year to streamline the land lease and ownership, but the bill has gone silent and has been seen as a public stunt to hoodwink the people and pretend that he cares for them. The bill has not benefited any Kenyan so far.

Nandi Hills missed a lot of state functions and projects as a result of the repulsive MP.

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