ARISE NANDI EASTER MESSAGE: Dear Electorates and Leaders…

As we celebrate the last Easter before April nominations and August general elections, Nandi County’s most popular blog sends a message to let peace, love and unity prevail as we stand to make very critical decisions that will either make or break us in the next five years.

In 2013, we saw aspirants in the podium who promised development projects and empowerment  programs. 5 years later, it is obvious now to you what was done and what wasn’t. We all know if the Nandi we dearly love has changed for the better, or taken aback. The same aspirants are back to the villages asking for another 5 years with more or less the same narrative they gave 5 years ago. There are new aspirants coming up asking to be supported to replace the incumbents, promising almost the same while some are presenting realistic and creative manifestos.

Do not be swayed or allow them to use you to cause chaos. Choose wisely because some aspirants and incumbents are trying hard to influence your decisions by giving you handouts to sway your thoughts and make you arrive at wrong conclusions of voting them back. They’ve led and failed us. They have looted enough and time is up for them to retire home and give new leaders a space.


Voters, you’ve the ultimate advantage against them. You will stand alone at the polling station. The aspirants will not be there to coerce or manipulate you, and this will be the best time where you must trust your conscience, and mark the names of the right leaders on the ballot paper – for a successful and prosperous 5 years ahead.

Some of you are good at lying to people and taking advantage of illiteracy of some electorates. Some, though extremely few, are clean and genuine at heart. It is important to note that leadership position is not getting a chance to amass wealth and loot public resources but it is a platform to change lives of the people and better the wellbeing of the community – and be remembered for a legacy well made through history. It is creating wealth and enabling the people to equally rise up from the abject poverty to sustainable livelihoods of financial stability  through job creation, employment opportunities, empowerment programs, access to education and health, among others.


Arise Nandi would like to see that this dream comes true after August elections, because every resident in Nandi County craves for change. Give electorate a chance to make wise decisions and when you win, please make the five, or ten years an era of change, a time of prosperous Nandi, a legacy worth a chapter in Guinness Book of Records, a point in time which the once last and poorly-rated county will rise up to top where the shining star and the lost glory of Nandi will be restored.

Arise Nandi.

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9 thoughts on “ARISE NANDI EASTER MESSAGE: Dear Electorates and Leaders…

  1. This message of reflection & hope couldn’t have come at a better time. Nandi is indeed blessed to have men and women with her interest at heart. May we all make the right choices. I have made a solemn pledge to my county by offering my candidature for Governor as an independent candidate. We hope that we all play our part in making this county and country at large prosperous.
    God bless Nandi.

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