TUGA TAI: Wakili Sang To Send Henry Kiprono To His Political Deathbed

In a hotly contested nomination for Nandi gubernatorial seat that has now been threatened by propaganda of bribes to rig, three names appeared to hit the ground and raise dust to show who-is-who to take the Governor’s title. Incumbent Cleophas Lagat who had earlier became obvious to be embarrassingly beaten has been the first to know his fate after his name vanished into the thin air to appear third, or possibly fourth after final results. The two, current senator Stephen Sang alias Tuga Tai and Henry Kiprono are on the final stages where Sang is set to win and Kosgey retiring (probably forever) to his political deathbed.


Definitely hammered twice in a row, this imminent defeat against Kosgey will be for the second time after both locked horns in 2013 in a senatorial race, where Sang emerged the winner.

4 years later and now both are neck to neck on a do or die battle that will define the future of Nandi County that had been thrown to the dogs since devolution. Residents has made their choice in the ballot with an intention to change the status quo to revive, restore and stimulate the potential of talented young men and women in a richly resourced county.

Nandi’s time to rise up has come with these nominations casting a shadow of new leaders with the promise to empower and develop the home well known to be the Source of Champions. Sang whose controversial slogan Tuga Tai took the county by the storm has appeared to be highly favoured to carry the day and fulfill the dream of a better Nandi.


Henry Kiprono is too old and has been in corridors of power representing Nandi for over thirty years and nothing substantial to show for it. It will be a worst case scenario to have him back again into politics in what has been seen as selfishly driven by denying young leaders a chance to show their power.

It is now emerging that young leaders are proactive, critical thinkers and success oriented than the old folks as seen by the country’s development progress under the leadership of youngest President and his Deputy since Kenya’s independence; Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto respectively.

Arise Nandi.
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