COUNTY 029: Designated Deputy Governor Yulita Chebotip on The Verge of History

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Little known despite being a gubernatorial aspirant for county number 29, Dr. Yulita Chebotip Cheruiyot failed in the nominations, and has shot back into the limelight making a leadership comeback as an appointed deputy governor and is on the verge of making history as the first woman DG in Nandi County and the North Rift region.

The academic don who started her career as an Assistant Teacher in Ndurio Secondary School, 1993, maintained her career and profession well attracting admiration to many – putting her on top of the list becoming suitable appointee to deputize nominated governor Stephen Sang, who’re yet to take over the reins of power if they get elected after August 8 general elections.

The 47 year old mother of four is a resident of Katanin village, Ndalat Ward in Mosop Constituency and is married to Barnabas Cheruiyot. Wakili Sang has expressed that his administration will bring all people on board with key interests in regional balance and empowering women and youth into leadership.

Qualification & Experience

Yulita studied Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry at University of Botswana, Master of Science Degree in Chemistry at Kenyatta University, and Bachelor of Education (Sc.) Degree; 2nd Class Honours (Upper Division) at Kenyatta University. She has been, before joining politics, a Senior Lecturer in University of Eldoret teaching Analytical Chemistry to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, and supervising Postgraduate Thesis including Research Projects.

Dr. Yulita Chebotip Cheruiyot
Dr. Yulita Chebotip Cheruiyot

She is well experienced in analyzing soil fertility, micronutrients and pollutants, Lipid Profiling of selected seed oils from Africa, biodiesel and surfactant properties of selected seed oils from Kenya, environmental analysis of  river  and well waters, speciation studies of heavy metal pollutants in the environment,  development of analytical methods for determination of trace elements, analysis of foods, medicine and other consumer products, essential elements, vitamins, and antioxidants, investigation of plants  used as herbal medicines, and investigation of Iodine Deficiency Disorder Prevalence in the North Rift, Kenya.

Community Initiatives

Yulita is an active advocate for the people living with disabilities, and is the Chairperson of the Disability Mainstreaming Committee at the University of Eldoret. She is empowering youth and women in Spiritual and Value systems since 1998, and has organized numerous seminars and workshops, of which many has successfully secured funding and donations. She is the founding chairperson of Ogyl Professionals Association.



The Kenya Chemical Society (KCS)

Association of Women in Science and Engineering (AWSE)

Kenya DAAD Scholars Association (KDSA)

International Network of Women in Engineering and Science (INWES).

Sang and Yulita, with a clergy during a past event

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