How Nandi People Are “USED” as Voting Machines as Uhuru & Ruto Set To Visit on Monday

Kenyans are quick to forget things. It is something politicians use to their advantage. Nine days after National Super Alliance visited Kapsabet and given a cheerful welcome, Jubilee presidential candidate and his running mate are set to visit Nandi County on Monday on a charm offensive!

Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto are expected to woo Nandi Hills people to re-elect them back to State House riding on the national development programs, and the promises of completing unfinished projects, among others.

Nandi county is perceived as Jubilee’s stronghold, and UhuRuto knows that getting votes from the region is like a walk in the pack, but not anymore going by the recent NASA visit, false promises during William Ruto’s visit months ago, unpaid returning and presiding officers including polling clerks during jubilee party nominations, and Uasin Gishu’s simmering political storms.

Arise Nandi Media documented the promises, and Ruto is on record saying, in Kaplelmet primary school during churches’ fundraiser, that he will come back a month later with the president to;

  1. Launch Koitalel Samoei University whose “groundbreaking has began”, (but the foundation construction never began since Ruto left to date).
  2. Launch construction of Nandi’s longest poor roads; Nandi Hills-Savani-Kaptumo, repair of Nandi Hills-Himaki and the most pathetic Kupere-Senetwo-Maraba-Timboroa roads, where Ruto promised that “contractors have already been identified and will be on site” within the week. (No contractors have been seen on site ever since). 

False Promises & Unpaid Presiding Officers

Perhaps these false promises, Ruto’s perceived dictatorship, and hundreds of unpaid presiding officers and polling clerks might be the reasons that worries Uhuru, and his coming will be pegged on these issues alongside Title deeds, dwindling tea prices (Central farmers receive more bonuses than South & North farmers, yet they produce the highest quality), among others.

Speaking to Arise Nandi after contacting the Jubilee headquarters on an inquiry about the payments, it was the same song of promising to pay according to the customer care lady; who said the delayed payment is as a result of “officers who submitted Airtel phone numbers instead of Safaricom numbers”, something that beats logic because all mobile networks in Kenya have mobile money transfer.

She also said 90% of their polling staff have been paid which is a sharp contrast as many still claim not paid. The percentage, if its true, seemed to have excluded Nandi Hills Constituency where a number of presiding officers and polling clerks have taken to social media to express discontent with the ruling party for failing to pay their salaries. Some have vowed to support NASA in protest.

Alfred Ketter won in the jubilee nomination and has not been relating well with party leaders. The legislator who will face an independent candidate Benard Kitur on August 8 elections, has been frequenting Uasin Gishu county after he won the seat to join his counterpart Oscar Sudi and governor Jackson Mandago. His recent remarks in Eldoret town has elicited immense ethnic tensions, leading to furious debates on Media against tribal politics.

Residents have been fearing that his continued feuds with the leaders and verbal misconduct might bring discrimination and unknown fate to the Nandi Hills community, where Uhuru has never visited. The last presidential visit was Mwai Kibaki’s, during the hero’s Koitalel Samoei Commemoration.

Arise Nandi.
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3 thoughts on “How Nandi People Are “USED” as Voting Machines as Uhuru & Ruto Set To Visit on Monday

  1. Indeed we have been used as voting machines because we have seen more of the public funds taken to counties which are termed as opposition stronghold and yet the nandy people are neglected.Now we spent time during the nomination as clerks and Presiding officers and yet we haven’t been paid meaning that these guys are ruthless,,,anyway we should be serious this time round and vote them out.

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