About Arise Nandi


Settle lives in a respected, peaceful, comfortable and self-sustainable community through support and activism.


To strive to be among the leading Nandi Hills CBOs that share same interests of actualizing and improving community’s key developments, and promoting local resources that respect and leverage community.

Arise Nandi represents and maintain the presence of the Nandi community online, and through frequent posts of their local and international Success Stories, Latest News, Politics Events & Programs, Emerging Trends and and many more… Arise Nandi also tries to urge Local Leaderships and Stakeholders to support the needy, rule with fair justice, solicit for help (e.g. funds, gifts) or any other kind of help from internet well wishers, donors or volunteers through my blogs.

  • Arise Nandi is an initiative to support and advocate for the Nandi Community with a purpose to change and improve people’s livelihoods in social, political and economic matters.
  • Now as the online most innovative initiative in Nandi County, Arise Nandi has created a popular platform of awareness and continuosly establishing connection with the residents (especially the youths) across Nandi to unite and share information because information is power. As evident in Youth of The Month program, A.N fosters unity and motivates the young people to transform our community in their capacities and spark a revolution in the existing leadership systems that has stagnated the progress and development.

Arise Nandi focuses to empower, educate, inspire and to represent Nandi through this online medium to the world. We share the pressing issues by publishing posts and together discuss solutions to obstacles in our road to economic success, freedom and control of our land’s richest resources.

  • Arise Nandi is to see Nandi keep arising and flourishing not only in the world of track sports, but also in our day-to-day activities, our decent culture, in health, economy and wholesome development of our community, and see children grow into success and in a moral and conducive homes.

Feel Free To Share, and Give Hope, Inspire and Educate.

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