Donate Today

Support by Donating

Touch a life today to transform a kid or more and continue with us in empowering them to afford sufficient food, clothing, access to education and have a basic standard of living.

Amount in dollars: $ 600 per one term/semester for 4 kids.

JFA Kids Play

Click here to donate.

JFA, Class 2 and 3

OR, help the community have enhanced strategy of pooling resources for economic empowerment through online business, e-commerce (and embrace self sustainability.)

Amount in dollars: $ 113.60 for e-business template set up, internet data/bundle, installation and testing.

Sustainable Farming

OR, help me buy/register a web domain name to “” of this site. This will upgrade my blog and I will have access and use to greater widgets, plug-ins and themes that are only usable to domain-registered accounts on WordPress. Some widgets and plug ins provide avenues to easier, simple and secure e-commerce and other donation friendly and enabled widgets, among others.

Amount in dollars: $20.00

Three Simple & Secure Ways to Donate to AriseNandi

Donate to one or all the above via:

Paypal (Click here)

Mobile Money Transfer

using: +254721121760.

Bank Transfer

to this account no. (click here to enquire and receive the acc. number) – Equity Bank Kenya.


Thank You

Note ->If you can’t donate, kindly share this page to any platform or refer to a friend or family, and you efforts are counted and appreciated.


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