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REVENGE? – Sacking 1,200 Employees & The Last Minute Looting Strategy Exposed

Barely two months to vacate Nandi County’s highest office after losing to Stephen Sang in the last nominations, Cleophas Lagat administration has devised a plan to revenge and loot any shilling still remaining in the Finance department.

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COUNTY 029: Designated Deputy Governor Yulita Chebotip on The Verge of History

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Little known despite being a gubernatorial aspirant for county number 29, Dr. Yulita Chebotip Cheruiyot failed in the nominations, and has shot back into the limelight making a leadership comeback as an appointed deputy governor and is on the verge of making history as the first woman DG in Nandi County and the North Rift region.

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DG DOMINIC BIWOTT: “Best Wishes To My Great Friend the Governor H.E Stephen Kipyego Sang”

Fellow Great People of Nandi County,

I thank you all for turning out en-masse for the April 24 Jubilee nominations.

The unity, stability and progress of our dear county is more important than anything else.

I congratulate all the Nandi residents for successfully going through the process of the April 24th jubilee party nominations with the commendable enthusiasm and commitment that was demonstrated countywide.

I also commend the Security Services for their role in ensuring that the nominations were mostly peaceful and violence-free.

To my family, my dear friends and the entire residents of Nandi, I thank you for your support.

We must stand together and look to the future with renewed optimism.

I thank all Nandi residents once again for the great opportunity I was given to lead this great county as the first Deputy Governor and assure you that I will continue to do my best.

I have conveyed my personal best wishes to my great friend the Governor H.E Stephen Kipyego Sang.

May God Almighty continue to bless Nandi County.

I thank you all.


Dominic Kimutai Biwott,
Deputy Governor.

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TUGA TAI: Wakili Sang To Send Henry Kiprono To His Political Deathbed

In a hotly contested nomination for Nandi gubernatorial seat that has now been threatened by propaganda of bribes to rig, three names appeared to hit the ground and raise dust to show who-is-who to take the Governor’s title. Incumbent Cleophas Lagat who had earlier became obvious to be embarrassingly beaten has been the first to know his fate after his name vanished into the thin air to appear third, or possibly fourth after final results. The two, current senator Stephen Sang alias Tuga Tai and Henry Kiprono are on the final stages where Sang is set to win and Kosgey retiring (probably forever) to his political deathbed.

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NULLIFIED: President Uhuru Kenyatta Cancels All Nominations

Some parts of the country that did not postpone their nominations yesterday including Laikipia County now have their results nullified. Issuing the statement at the State House, President Uhuru Kenyatta admitted Party’s under preparedness to the Party Primaries, saying history had it that 20 to 30 percent would always turn up hence the inadequate materials, but they were overwhelmed by over 70% of supporters who turned up in various regions, which he likened as similar to general elections.
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BREAKING NEWS: Nandi County Nominations Postponed Until Further Notice

Party primaries in Nandi County that were scheduled to start today at 6:00AM to 5:00PM at thousands of polling stations has been officially postponed to a date that will be communicated to Returning and Presiding Officers.

Tension was high in polling centers known to be swing votes, and unconfirmed reports indicate that residents in Kapsabet had started demonstration citing attempted rigging and delay in voting exercise – at a time when change of leadership was eagerly anticipated.

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ARISE NANDI EASTER MESSAGE: Dear Electorates and Leaders…

As we celebrate the last Easter before April nominations and August general elections, Nandi County’s most popular blog sends a message to let peace, love and unity prevail as we stand to make very critical decisions that will either make or break us in the next five years.
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COUNTING LOSES WITH ALFRED KETTER: Repulsive MP Scared Uhuru & Ruto Away!

He is known in the national politics as a famous critique of Jubilee administration pointing fingers of blame to the high and mighty, vocal against Waiguru and the NYS scandals, SGR saga, Weighbridge confrontation with the police where his video went viral insulting police officers and issuing threats… among others!

But his backyard of Nandi Hills Constituency, Alfred Ketter has been coined a different name; “murenet”, a name that has nothing substantial to show for it!

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INVESTING IN EDUCATION: Pius Metto Donates Textbooks To Pupils In Nandi Hills

Pius Metto, the most popular aspiring Member of Parliament in Nandi Hills Constituency visited my former primary school and donated various textbooks for pupils and teacher guides. In his recent visit to Kaplelmet Primary School, he was welcomed in cheers and joy to the community that had waited for long a change of regime!

After addressing Pupils of Class 6, 7 and 8 at the assembly ground where he donated textbooks and encouraged them to excel in their academics by citing his education journey, he graced the waiting parents who sang songs of praise for Metto’s heroic welcome.

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IN PICTURES: Thousands Graced Pius Metto’s Homecoming Launch

During his homecoming reception, thousands of residents from Chepkunyuk, Lessos, Nandi Hills and Kapchorua wards came in support to Metto’s parliamentary bid. Old men and women who stood to be counted in a race that young generation have dominated in a quest to change the leadership of Nandi Hills Constituency, vowed to support Pius Metto who’s keynote speech melted the hearts of many. Everyone in attendance and many who heard the news of a man coming to transform our region to a value-based leadership and equitable service delivery expressed how deeply fulfilled, immensely satisfied and absolutely privileged to vote for Pius in the nominations and the August Elections.

Here are few pictures.

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